IBM and Cisco (CSCO) Collaborating On Amsterdam Smart Grid

IBM (IBM) and Cisco (CSCO) are announcing a smart grid pilot project today in Amsterdam for 500 households to help the city make smarter use of its energy.  The initiative is part of the Amsterdam Smart City initiative with the ultimate goal to create a more sustainable city.  

The two companies will be part of a consortium which will implement smart metering and home energy management technology in homes to provide customers with the feedback they need to drive change in their energy usage behavior.  Cisco will provide the IP based management solutions enabling real time, secure connectivity between appliances and energy systems while IBM will provide the software and web technology. 

“Giving the citizens of Amsterdam more information and better control over their energy use will cut down on costs and consumption as well as reduce their overall impact on the environment,” said Marthin de Beer, senior vice president of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group. “Innovative cities like Amsterdam recognize the opportunity in using the standards-based intelligent communications network as a platform for economic development, better city management and improved quality of life for citizens. With this pilot, we hope to demonstrate how smart and connected communities can be more energy conscious and more green.”

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One thought on “IBM and Cisco (CSCO) Collaborating On Amsterdam Smart Grid”

  1. Thanks Tate for that wonderful piece of information. It is heartening to note that technology giants like IBM and CISCO are joining hands in an effort to make better use of power through better power management. Its true, when people are given the proper means to monitor power usage, they would be able to use their power more smartly.

    Thanks for the information.
    Joost Hoogstrate

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