JA Solar (JASO) Announces Massive $2 Billion Capacity Expansion Over 3YRS

It was announced today that JA Solar (JASO) will invest a bit more than $2 billion in a  massive capacity expansion in the city of Hefei.  The company is committed to investing in production capacity of 3GW which will ultimately exceed its current entire capacity.  CEO Fang Peng stated it’s a project that will last about three years.  Considering $2 billion is about a years worth of revenue for JASO, is this too big a risk in an economy that remains on relatively shaky ground?  Time will tell.  The stock was down about 4% today, but most solar stocks were down so it didn’t likely move on this news.  It will be interesting to see how traders react to this investment in the coming days though.

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One thought on “JA Solar (JASO) Announces Massive $2 Billion Capacity Expansion Over 3YRS”

  1. way too much investment given the crowded nature of solar and every government from Italy to Germany to USA cutting back on subsidizing solar

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