JA Solar (JASO) In 185MW Supply Deal With BP Solar

JA Solar (JASO) is announcing a nice win this morning, getting a 185MW supply deal with BP Solar of which most of the 85MW to be supplied this year has already been delivered.  They will deliver another 100MW next year.  No word on the financials of the deal.

JASO CEO Peng Fang commented: "We have been working with BP Solar, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, since 2008 and we are very pleased to extend our relationship, as they are one of the world’s largest integrated solar energy companies.  With our leading cost structure, JA Solar provides BP Solar a cost advantage in the residential, commercial and utility markets. This agreement provides JA with firm orders through next year," he said.

Shares of JASO are up again today, about 5% on the news and remain in a strong trend up after breaking out of a base a couple weeks ago.

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