Janney Montgomery Maintains Buy On Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE), Nearly Doubles Price Target

Janney Montgomery is out this morning maintaining their Buy rating on Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) and nearly doubling the price target from $14 to $27.

Hat tip to StreetInsider.com for the following analyst comment:

We are raising our fair value estimate for BUY-Rated Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) from $14 to $27, based on 18x our CY2011 EPS estimate of $1.49. We believe investors are increasingly looking into 2011 to see which companies will be the longer-term winners. In addition, we are hearing from more sources (like former President Bill Clinton) that natural gas trucks are something that the U.S. government should support. Combine those comments with President Obama’s push for carbon emission control in his recent UN speech and the EPA’s position on vehicle pollution, and we believe the NAT GAS Act has a better chance of passing. We are not changing our estimates and continue to look for $0.71 EPS in 2010 and $1.49 in 2011. Longer term, (a 5 to 7 year time horizon) we see earnings potential of as much as $20 if the company were to supply fuel to all 340,000 of the 18-wheelers needing replacement in the next few years. This is NOT our official projection as company fundamentals and the competitive landscape are likely to change during the same 5 to 7 year period.”

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