Key Equipment Finance Announces Program To Fund SunPower (SPWRA) Commercial-Scale Solar Systems

Key Equipment Finance just announced that it will be partnering with SunPower (SPWRA) to provide financing for up to $50 million worth of SunPower commercial-scale solar systems. The program will allow qualified commercial customer to secure capital leases and loans and government entities to secure municipal leases to finance the construction of SunPower solar systems from 50 KW to 1 MW in size.

The programs will make it easier for customers to apply for credit to build SunPower systems and take advantage of applicable tax breaks.

In a press release, Mac Irvin, managing director of SunPower’s structured finance group, commented on the news:

“Key Equipment Finance has extensive experience implementing financing options to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized customers. We are pleased to leverage their experience to streamline the implementation of clean, renewable solar power for commercial and public customers throughout the U.S., and are confident this program offers SunPower customers and dealers attractive terms and rates.”

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