LDK Solar (LDK) Advises It Has Adequate Standing Wafer Orders

Despite the global economic crisis, LDK Solar has stated that it still has enough standing orders for its solar wafers to keep the company stable. According to the company, it received 14 orders for solar wafers last year and is scheduled to deliver 14,000 megawatts worth of product by 2019.

From TradingMarkets.com, here’s the latest on LDK Solar’s production capacity:

According to an insider with LDK Solar, the company’s annual solar wafer capacity had been raised last year to reach 1,460 megawatts by yearend, with delivery amount of solar wafer up nearly 400 percent year on year to 818 megawatts.

The company’s silicon plants began yielding products from January 2009, further cutting its production cost of solar wafer.

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