MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) Announces Favorable Rulings In Patent Lawsuit

MEMC Electronic Materials just announced that the patent lawsuit brought against the company by Soitec has been concluded. The rulings were mostly in MEMC’s favor, as Soitec was found to be infringing on MEMC’s ‘812 patent. MEMC was found to be infringing on Soitec’s ‘009 patent, but only in relation to wafers produced for research and development in between 2004-2006.

In a press release, Shaker Sadasivam, EVP of MEMC and President of MEMC Semiconductor Materials, commented on the rulings:

“We are gratified that the jury has validated our claims and found that none of MEMC’s current processes infringe upon Soitec’s patents. Regarding the ‘009 patent, while we’re disappointed that this last issue in the case did not go our way, the finding relates to a defunct process that hasn’t been used by MEMC in several years, and was never used for commercial production.  It does not impact any current MEMC products or processes.  We look forward to serving our customers with the same processes that we always have, and giving them some of the best products and service in the industry.”

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