Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc (NBF) Reports That Their Fuels Have Passed Cold Soak Filtration Test

Nova Biosource Fuels has reported that their biodiesel is already compliant with new ASTM D6751-08 Standard Specifications for biodiesel fuel. The new standards state that biodiesel fuels must pass a cold soak filtration test, which evaluates the performance of the fuel during cold weather. Nova Biosource Fuels’ Biodiesel has passed this test for more than a year, ensuring that they will be able to meet increased demand caused by the 2009 biodeisel mandate.

According to Kenneth Hearn, Nova’s Chairman and CEO, “Nova’s patented process has always focused on producing high quality biodiesel. The new ASTM Cold Soak Filtration Test is a hurdle for some companies, but Nova’s biodiesel meets this requirement regardless of feedstock input used in our proprietary process.”

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