Altair Nanotechnologies (ATLI) Announces Successful Market Acceptance Of Its Grid-Scale Battery

Altair Nanotechnologies announced on Friday that its new grid-scale battery storage system has been accepted for participation in the PJM Regional Transmission Organization control area, which serves approximately 51 million people. The 1 megawatt, 250 kilowatt-hour storage system was developed under a joint agreement with AES Energy Storage LLC. This marks the first time ever that a Lithium-Titanate battery has achieved commercial acceptance to "to provide grid regulation services in one of the largest electricity markets in the US.

Terry Copeland, Altair’s President and  CEO, explained why this news is so important to both Altair Nanotechnologies and the alternative energy industry as a whole:

"Our advanced Lithium-Titanate battery technology will play an integral role in addressing the utility power market’s need for environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. This will create a more resilient grid, allowing for increased adoption of renewable generating resources, such as solar and wind."

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