Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies (QTWW) Announces New Diesel Hybrid Drivetrain

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies has just released a new hybrid diesel/electric drivetrain, the Quantum Q-Force  that can be used in both military and commercial vehicles. The drivetrain, which is the product of 6 years of development, will make its debut in a new hybrid military Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV).

The drivetrain design includes several features that improve efficiency, minimizing both fuel consumption and battery size.

In a press release, President and CEO Alan P. Niedzwiecki explains the advantages of the new drivetrain:

“Our innovative diesel hybrid electric all-wheel drive system provides high performance, acceleration and extended range, resulting in significant advantages for the U.S. Army in communications, surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance missions. We believe that Quantum’s Q-Force drivetrain is also very well-suited for commercial applications including homeland security, border patrol, park service operations, and light-duty automobiles.

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