Quantum Fuel Tech (QTWW) Provides Hydrogen Fueling Technology To Shell

Quantum Fuel Tech (QTWW) has supplied Shell with hydrogen fueling technology and infrastructure equipment to support its station in New York near the entrance to JFK Airport.  The hydrogen fueling station which is open to the public is part of a group of hydrogen fueling stations opened by Shell around New York in partnership with the Port Authority of NY, New Jersey, US Dept of Energy and General Electric. 

Quantum’s proprietary technology, in use since 2001, uses oil free gas compression technology to deliver hydrogen at high pressure .

Said Quantum CEO Alan Niedzwiecki, “We are honored to partner with, and support Shell Hydrogen in their efforts to establish an effective foundation for a hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Hydrogen continues to be an integral part of Quantum’s business strategy. I believe that clean hydrogen fuel, produced from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, has the potential to become an integral part of the energy mix for the 21st century”.

After an initial surge at the open this morning, QTWW has given up the gains and remains flat.

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