Raser Technologies (RZ) Inaugurates First Commercial Scale Geothermal Plant

Late yesterday, Raser Technologies (RZ) inaugurated its first commercial scale geothermal power plant (called Thermo) in Beaver County, Utah and the 10MW plant (enough to power 7000 homes) is expected to begin supplying energy to Anaheim.  The plant was built in just 6 month using Raser’s revolutionary modular construction design.

Raser is using technology developed by United Technologies (UTX) to generate electricity from underground water at temperatures much lower than other technologies allowing the company to tap into previously unusable resources.  The company believes that one day it could supply 1/3 of US energy needs using its geothermal systems.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said CEO Brent M. Cook.  “This power generation plant with its ground-breaking, rapid-deployment design and construction system and UTC Power’s low-temperature technology can make geothermal a mainstream source of energy for the nation.”

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