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Utah Signs Renewable Energy Bills At Raser’s (RZ) Hatch Plant

When you think of renewable energy leadership at the state level, you typically think of California but Utah is making some announcements this morning indicating they want to join the party. 

At Raser Technologies (RZ) Hatch geothermal plant in Thermo, Utah governor Jon Huntsman signed two renewable energy bills that will aim to upgrade the electrical grid and provide tax incentives to green projects.

Senate Bill 76 establishes a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority which will … Read the rest

Raser’s (RZ) Hatch Plant Begins Delivering Geothermal Power to Anaheim

The geothermal Hatch plant (previously named the Thermo plant), named after Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has begun delivering geothermal power to Anaheim.  Raser Technologies (RZ) leases the large geothermal resource in Beaver County, UT which is expected to deliver 10 – 11MW of geothermal power, enough to light up 9000 homes in Anaheim.  The city of Anaheim has signed a 20 year power purchase agreement to receive clean electricity from the Hatch plant.  Independent … Read the rest

Raser Technologies (RZ) Expands Geothermal Land Resources

Raser Technologies (RZ) is busy finding land to lease where it can tap into the power of geothermal.  The company recently announced that it acquired 17 new lease parcels covering more than 50K acres in Utah as part of the Bureau of Land Management geothermal auction.  The land deal increases Raser’s holdings to over 300K acres in 5 states where the company has rights to geothermal resources and some surface rights for construction related to … Read the rest

Raser Technologies (RZ) Inaugurates First Commercial Scale Geothermal Plant

Late yesterday, Raser Technologies (RZ) inaugurated its first commercial scale geothermal power plant (called Thermo) in Beaver County, Utah and the 10MW plant (enough to power 7000 homes) is expected to begin supplying energy to Anaheim.  The plant was built in just 6 month using Raser’s revolutionary modular construction design.

Raser is using technology developed by United Technologies (UTX) to generate electricity from underground water at temperatures much lower than other technologies allowing the company … Read the rest