Renewable Energy Gets A $3 Billion Government Infusion

The US government announced today that they’ll soon begin accepting applications for around $3 billion in government funds to spur development in renewable energy across the country.  Previously, companies could file for a tax credit to cover a portion of development costs, but this provides an immediate infusion of cash to help meet the government’s goal of doubling renewable energy production over the next 3 years.

“This partnership between Treasury and Energy will enable both large companies and small businesses to invest in our long-term energy needs, protect our environment, and revitalize our nation’s economy,” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said

Applications will be accepted via an internet based application system in few weeks, but to help expedite the process, terms and conditions and a sample application are available now at  What are you waiting for?!  Get that backyard green energy project going and apply for some government cash!

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