SEIA Releases 2009 US Solar Energy Review

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released its 2009 review today indicating strong growth across the solar market last year.  Here are some highlights…

* US solar electricity capacity increased 37% driven by strong demand in residential and utility scale markets
* 17K new solar jobs created for a total of 46K in the US
* Industry revenue grew 38% to nearly $4 billion
* Solar manufacturing production increased 7% from 2008
* Residential grid-tied solar installations doubled to 156MW, while non residential grid-tied installations declined 2% from 2008 levels.
* Utility solar market tripled cumulative grid-tied PV capacity to 66MW and the total capacity across all solar technologies increased to 17GW or enough to power 3.4 million homes
* No surprise that California led in new solar capacity at 220MW.. 2nd place New Jersey wasn’t close at 57MW
* United States ranked 4th in new solar capacity with 481MW .. pathetic!  Japan and Italy beat us last year.
* Germany was the reigning champ again with nearly 4000MW in new capacity.  The Czech Republic wasn’t far behind the US at 411MW.  Now you see why I say the US solar industry is pathetic.

The full report is worth a read.. Get it here

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