SolarEdge Snags Deal With BP Solar (BP)

SolarEdge, an Israeli company that makes electronic systems which boost the efficiency of solar panels, just announced that they snagged a deal with BP Solar. Under the joint agreement, BP Solar will begin incorporating Solar Edge’s systems, which boost efficiency up to 20-25%, into its solar modules and look at the possibility of commercializing them. Currently, the two companies are testing Solar Edge’s products to see how well they hold up under conditions designed to simulate 25 years of day-to-day use.

Here’s more, from a company press release:

“We are impressed with the initial performance and reliability tests of SolarEdge’s solution,” said Eric Daniels, Chief Technology Officer of BP Solar. “We believe the SolarEdge technology, when combined with BP Solar’s patented IntegraBus™ module power strip, can significantly enhance the energy output of residential and commercial scale systems.”

“BP Solar has contributed enormously to the advancement of the solar industry,” said Guy Sella, Chairman, CEO and Founder of SolarEdge. “By addressing the problems that the industry has overlooked or considered unavoidable, we can greatly improve solar economics through increasing energy output while reducing system costs.”

In support of this activity, BP Solar and SolarEdge have been awarded a research grant by the Israeli and US governments as part of the BIRD (Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) foundation, which contributes to joint development. Through the “BIRD Energy” initiative, the BP Solar-SolarEdge project has been recognized for its achievements in improving the effectiveness and economics of solar technology.

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