EnerDel (HEV) Gets Order From AC Transit

EnerDel just announced that they have signed a contract to supply AC Transit with lithium-ion batteries for buses. AC Transit is buying 16 new hybrid electric fuel cell buses, and EnerDel will supply advanced battery systems for all 16 of them. The buses will be powered by lithium batteries and tanks of hydrogen that fit on top of the vehicles.

In a press release, executives from both AC Transit and EnerDel commented on the deal:

"Onboard energy storage is a critical component of our hybrid-electric fuel cell buses, and finding the correct battery system to work hand-in-hand with our fuel cell system is essential to the overall success of these highly advanced vehicles," said Rick Fernandez, General Manager of AC Transit. "EnerDel offered us the best solution to address reliability and performance standards in the demanding and difficult operating environment of heavy-duty transit operations."

"We are honored that the design team selected EnerDel for this program, and are excited to be working with them on this project," said EnerDel CEO Ulrik Grape. "We have successfully leveraged the extensive work EnerDel has developed and delivered for other applications, while tailoring and adding additional features to this system for heavy-duty bus usage. The technologies being used in these buses will eventually find their way into all kinds of vehicles, including the one in your driveway."

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