Study Shows Converted Organics (COIN) Fertilizer Beats Competitors For Golf Course Turf

A study performed by Archer Daniels Midland Company and Fermanian Consulting, LLC showed that Converted Organics’ Turf Blend 6-0-0 outperformed both synthetic and natural competitors when it comes to growing golf course turf. The study compared Converted Organic’s product to urea and sulfur coated urea, NaturStim Liquid and granular treatments, Milorganite, L-Soy 9 and NaturStim Granular.

In a press release, representatives from Converted Organics and Fermanian Consulting commented on the results:

“This study is significant because it demonstrates that golf courses wishing to use an organic fertilizer can do so without sacrificing turf quality, simply by utilizing Converted Organics Turf Blend 6-0-0 organic liquid fertilizer,” said Edward J. Gildea, President of Converted Organics. “These results are especially meaningful for golf courses located in environmentally-sensitive areas.”

“Natural fertilizers must provide basic growth requirements and produce a desirable quality for commercial turfs. Our study showed that Converted Organics` Turf Blend 6-0-0 organic fertilizer, along with the urea control, displayed the most consistent high quality over the seven weeks of evaluation,” said Dr. Thomas Fermanian, Emeritus Professor of Turfgrass Management, University of Illinois and President of Fermanian Consulting, LLC. “Converted Organics Turf Blend 6-0-0 shows great promise as a long-lasting nitrogen source.”

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