Suntech (STP) Aims For Utility Market In US

Suntech just announced that they will start shipping a larger solar power system suitable for utility-sized projects later on in the year. The system, called Reliathon, will be available starting next year, and can be used for projects greater than 10 MW in scope.

By reducing the number of bolts and the amount of wiring required for the Reliathon system, Suntech has managed to reduce its installation costs by 10%. Two years from now, the company expects 50% of its installation costs to come from

In a press release, Andrew Beebe, Suntech’s vice president of global product strategy, commented on the new product:

“We’ve all been aggressively focused on reducing costs. But for the solar companies, a lot of that comes from inside the frame of the module. We realized… you could build a very different kind of platform for one specific customer.”

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