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A123 (AONE) Surging Off Bottom On Detroit Edison Lithium Battery Collaboration

A123 Systems (AONE) has been surging off the bottom over the past 30 minutes on news it will use $5 million from the US Dept of Energy to collaborate with Detroit Edison on a study to find out if electric car batteries can be bundled together to store emergency supplies of power for the electric grid.  Detroit Edison, owned by DTE Energy, will bundle the battery packs containing 25 lithium batteries in 20 groups and … Read the rest

QTWW Update: Moving On Half Billion Govt Loan To Fisker Automotive

The news is in on Quantum which will produce the propulsion systems for Fisker Automotive.  The US government and Fisker Auto have agreed to terms on a loan of more than half a billion bucks to create fuel efficient hybrid and electric cars. A majority of the low-interest funds goes to Project NINA, which will oversee the design, engineering and assembly of Fisker cars with the remainder being used to finalize development of the Karma.  … Read the rest

Symyx Technologies (SMMX) Gets DOE Solar Thermal Energy Grant

Symyx Technologies (SMMX) has been awarded a grant by the US Dept of Energy to conduct research and develop advanced heat transfer fluids for use in solar thermal power generation in order to lower the cost of solar thermal energy electricity. 

Current solar thermal power facilities provide energy by capturing radiation from the sun with reflective mirrors which then heats oil based fluids in pipes which in turn produces steam to power electricity turbines.  Current … Read the rest