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As Expected, Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Files For Bankruptcy

I first mentioned in a post in Feb 2010 that Evergreen Solar (ESLR) better cut costs in a hurry or it would be bankrupt within a year.  The company managed to hang on a bit longer than that, but today it’s official.  The company has declared bankruptcy as their shift to manufacture in China was too little too late.  The entire solar sector has taken a hit in recent months and that was the final … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Plunges After Issuing Preliminary Guidance, Bankruptcy On The Horizon?

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) has long been a company I’ve singled out here as being one solar company that won’t survive (at least not on its own) and yesterday’s preliminary results is yet another signal that time is running out for ESLR.  If I were to take a guess, I’d say bankruptcy within a year is in the cards for this cash burning company.

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CEO … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR/ESLRD) Shutting Down US Manufacturing Operations; Provides Guidance

Evergreen Solar (ESLRD/ESLR) has announced plans to shut down it US solar manufacturing operations in Devens, MA in order to compete with China based manufacturers.  The company is in the process of moving its manufacturing to China and announced it had begun production there back in September.   The company was bleeding cash and with an uncertain solar market next year, it really had no choice. 

Unfortunately, competing globally as a manufacturer in the US these … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) 1:6 Reverse Split, Trades Under ESLRD For 20 Days

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) first indicated back in June that it was pursuing a reverse stock split in hopes of keeping from a delisting by the Nasdaq.  After a big surge in October the stock was able to  get back above the buck level but has since returned to the abyss.  The company remains on life support and while there are some positive developments such as the beginning of their China manufacturing operations, the company has … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Provides 12MW Worth Of Panels To Czech Republic

Evergreen Solar has announced that their String Ribbon solar panels have been used in a total of 9 solar installations in the Czech Republic, to provide a total of 12MW of power. The installations were carried out by Czech IT company NWT. The latest of these installations is a 3.5MW  plan which is currently being built near the Czech city of Rostin.

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Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Reports Mixed Results, But Beginning To Cut Costs

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) reported mixed results after the bell last night, but showed the biggest improvement in EPS in a long time and beat analyst estimates.  The company posted an EPS loss of .08/share vs the analyst estimate of a .11/share loss.  That’s the best EPS performance in at least a couple years and a big improvement over the year ago quarter when they reported a .40/share loss.  I’ve been hard on ESLR over the … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Looking Bullish (Video)

Shares of Evergreen Solar (ESLR) have really struggled this year, but there are indications that the stock may be prepping for a big run in the coming weeks.  Shares spiked above resistance of the 50 day moving average with big volume last week for the first since January and have pulled back to test what is now support at that level.  I discuss the details of the technical action in the video below.

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Analyst Rating Roundup: ESE, ITRI, ELON, ESLR, SOLF

Several analyst rating changes to tell you about this morning.  Hat tip to Street Insider for the analyst commentary.

Needham & Company reiterated a Buy on Echelon Corp (ELON), but lowered the price target from $11 to $10.
“While uncertainty remains on the pace of uptake at utilities exploring AMI solutions as well as at current customers such as Duke, we continue to believe that Echelon has a solid technology offering that not only addresses … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Reports Mixed Results; China Operation On Track

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) is a company that has always needed to find a way to cut costs and time is running out as I’ve mentioned so many times before on this blog.  The success of this company really hinges on the success of their China outsourcing operation which is proceeding as planned.  For now, the company is still nowhere near profitability.  While revenues continue to climb higher and improve over the year ago quarter, earnings … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Sent Deficiency Letter

The Nasdaq has sent Evergreen Solar (ESLR) a deficiency letter due to the stock trading under a buck for several weeks.  The company has until the end of the year to get its stock price above $1 and then it must trade there for 10 business days.  If that doesn’t happen it could get a final removal notice and be delisted by the Nasdaq, but the company can appeal.  As I mentioned a few days … Read the rest