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Suntech Power (STP) To Supply 100MW In Solar Panels To India’s SunBorne Energy

When you think of growth in solar installations countries like China, Germany, Italy, Spain & the US come to mind, but you rarely hear mention of India.  I’ve been saying for some time now that will change and in the past year or so we’ve seen a few more announcements of major deals struck in the Indian solar market.  This morning it was announced that Suntech Power (STP) locked up a 100MW solar panel supply Read the rest

First Solar (FSLR) Supplying 15MW In Solar Modules To ACME Of India

First Solar (FSLR) announced earlier today that ACME of India will purchase 15MW in thin film solar modules for a solar plant in the state of Gujarat.  First Solar sees India as a potentially large solar market.  Delivery is expected in March 2011.

First Solar VP TK Kallenbach commented: “We see India as a land of immense opportunity and potential. We are pleased to collaborate with a leader like ACME to contribute to the … Read the rest

American Superconductor (AMSC) Gets India Wind Turbine Components Order From Inox Group

American Superconductor (AMSC) continues to expand its business in India.  The company announced a $20 million order back in April from Ghodawat Energy.  This morning they have announced an order from India based Inox Group for 17 sets of wind turbine electrical control systems for 2MW turbines.  Inox began licensing AMSC wind turbine designs last year and recently began volume production of the 2MW turbines.  No word on the financials of this deal.

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Trina Solar (TSL) Partners With GEMAC For Entry Into India Solar Market

I’ve always thought it was strange that the India green energy market isn’t much bigger.   You just don’t hear about big renewable energy projects going down in India and that remains the case, but I still think this is a big potential market and one the big guys will be looking to get into in the coming years.  India has ambitious plans for solar power and hopes to achieve 20GW of solar power within about Read the rest

American Superconductor (AMSC) Lands $20 Million India Order

American Superconductor (AMSC) has received an initial $20 million order from Ghodawat Energy of India for wind turbine electrical control systems.  Ghodawat is a significant player in the India wind energy market, operating over 150 turbines that generate over 100MW of electricity across four states.  The company has a capacity of 400 turbines per year and has begun manufacturing 1.65MW doubly fed wind turbines designed using AMSC’s proprietary technology.  AMSC will begin shipping the electrical … Read the rest

Itron (ITRI) Subsidiary Actaris Wins India (Mumbai) Smart Meter Contract

This is great news for Itron (ITRI) today.  Its subsidiary Actaris has won a joint contract with Arad Technologies of Israel to provide 150K water meters to the city of Mumbai which is half of an expected 300K order.  The total project of installing 1.2 million water meters throughout Mumbai is expected to come at a cost of $128 million.  Both companies expect to receive follow on orders for the project because of the complexities … Read the rest

American Superconductor (AMSC) Expanding In India With Inox Wind Energy License

You don’t hear too much about India’s renewable energy efforts, but expect to in the coming years.  It’s an opportunity every bit as big as China, just not as developed yet.  American Superconductor (AMSC) is expanding their presence there in a deal with Inox Wind to license its proprietary 2MW induction wind turbine design.  The deal allows Inox the right to manufacture and sell the turbines globally with production beginning next year.  AMSC will also … Read the rest

LDK Solar (LDK) Gets 5 Yr Supply Deal With XL Telecom & Energy

The going is good for LDK Solar.  First the blow out earnings results yesterday, this morning a new 5 year contract to supply multicrystalline wafers to India based XL Telecom & Energy.  They will deliver about 300 MW of the silicon wafers over the 5 yr period, beginning in early 09 with XL Telecom making a down payment for a portion of the contract value.  No word on the total value of the contract.… Read the rest