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Bullish Alert: Tesla Motors (TSLA) Breaks Out Of Cup With Handle Base

Tesla Motors (TSLA) has finally made the move I have been looking for… a breakout to a new 52 week high and within a stone’s throw of a new all time high.  Technically, the stock actually broke out of a cup with handle base yesterday and today it added to that gain confirming the breakout from this bullish base.  What does this mean?  Well, it greatly increases the odds of a significant move in shares … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Reports Mixed Results, But Sees Strong Model X Demand

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported earnings last night that were mixed.  Quite frankly I couldn’t care about earnings with Tesla right now and I think most analysts would agree.  This is still a development stage company that has yet to test the “more mainstream” electric car market.  For now this is a company trading on potential and many have high hopes for both the Model S electric sedan expected to hit the streets in July as … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Showcases Model X

Let the hype begin for Tesla’s Model X, the electric crossover vehicle slated for launch in 2014.  Some might say it’s a bit early to begin showcasing the prototype vehicle when the Model S is still months away from hitting the streets, but Musk is driven to prove doubters wrong and never shies away from delivering a big press event.  Musk summed up a description of the vehicle with bravado saying, “We’ve created a car … Read the rest

Tesla’s (TSLA) Wild Friday ..Overblown?

I was away from the market Friday and getting caught up with all the latest today.  Looks like I missed quite a day for Tesla on Friday with the stock plummeting 20% on news two key engineers working on the Model S left the company. 

It appears based on today’s quick recovery that fears of internal turmoil may be overblown.  The Fool has a great run down on the events, I’ll summarize here.

Initially … Read the rest

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Breaks Out After Beating Estimates, Landing New Mercedes Deal

It’s been a great morning for shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) after the company reported another large quarterly loss of $65 million (well above the year ago loss of $35 million), but beat analyst estimates on both the top and bottom line.  The company reported an EPS loss of .55/share (vs the estimate for .60/share loss) on revenues of $57.7 million vs the analyst estimate of $46.4 million.

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It’s Official, Panasonic Lithium Battery Supplier For Tesla (TSLA) Model S, Shares Remain Bullish

The news that Panasonic will be the lithium battery supplier for Tesla’s Model S doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s still another blow to the US green energy industry which continues to lose out to lower cost Asian competitors.   It’s more apparent in the solar space and becoming increasingly apparent in the battery space.   Panasonic and Tesla have been working together for a couple years on battery development and Panasonic invested $30 million in … Read the rest

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Hit On Wider Loss & Technically Broken, But Reasons For Optimism Remain; Bigger Toyota Deal Coming?

Not sure how I missed this report last night, but Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported its earnings with a wider loss than expected.  Analysts were predicting a big loss from Tesla as the company continues to pour big bucks into R&D ahead of the launch of the Model S next year, but the company reported a bit wider loss of .53/share vs the estimate for .51/share.  This despite a big bump in revenues to $58 million … Read the rest

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Breaks Out Of Cup With Handle Base On Secondary Offering

Usually announcements of secondary offerings can derail a stock at least in the short term, but yesterday shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) broke out of a large cup with handle base with heavy volume after the company announced a follow on offering of 5.3 million shares to fund the development of its Model X crossover vehicle.  This announcement in and of itself would not have lead to a breakout. 

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Tesla Motors (TSLA) Beats With Record Revenue, Shares Continue Bullish Path

As expected Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported another large quarterly loss, but it was less than analysts expected as the company posted better than expected revenues leading to a small spike in shares today.  The company reported an EPS loss of .44/share (vs the expectation for a .53/share loss on revenues of $49 million vs the expectation for $43 million.  Gross margins improved from 31% last quarter to 37%.  It was a record breaking quarter … Read the rest

Goldman Sachs (GS) Meets With Tesla Execs, Sees Bullish Developments With Model S

Notable Calls has a great post this morning highlighting the Goldman Sachs meeting with Tesla Motors (TSLA) executives.  Here are the highlights…

– Orders have picked up for the Model S and now stand at 4,000 vs the 3,400 at year’s end.  The company now expects its 2012 production to sell out soon and still expects to launch the vehicle around mid 2012.

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– Targets 25% … Read the rest