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Uranerz (URZ) Announces Sales Contract

Uranerz just announced a new uranium sales contract with an unnamed US utility company. Although the buyer is not specified, the Uranerz press release indicates that they are one of the largest stateside nuclear power plant operators. The contract is a long-term, 5 year contract and the pricing structure is based on market referenced prices, with combined spot and long term indicators. The contract also protects both parties against market fluctuation with floor and ceiling … Read the rest

Uranerz (URZ) Signs Uranium Supply Contract With Exelon (EXC)

Uranerz just announced that it has signed a uranium supply contract with Exelon Generation Company, LLC. The contract covers a 5-year period includes defined pricing each year. In the announcing the deal, no other details about the agreement were forthcoming. If you have more information about the terms, feel free to leave a comment!

However, Uranerz investors will probably be happy to know that the company continues to look for other uranium sales agreements to … Read the rest