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An Earth Day Promise For More Offshore Wind Power From Obama

Obama spent some time on Earth day at an old Maytag plant in Iowa now being used to manufacture wind power turbines by Trinity Structural Towers.  He discussed the need for more renewable energy and ultimately revealed new regulations regarding offshore wind farms that would clear the way for developers to install wind farms on the Outer Continental Shelf. 

Michael Olsen, a former Bush Interior Department official, said the rules will allow projects to move Read the rest

AltEnergyStocks.com: "Tight Credit Markets Won’t Stop Wind Energy Industry"

Tom Konrad of AltEnergyStocks.com is out with an article this morning on the wind industry, highlighting reasons to be bullish despite a tight credit market.  

His top 3 are:

– both Presidential candidates are calling for the cap n trade system

– the Production Tax Credit (PTC) was extended  (I’ll add to this – this is only a one year extension but an Obama victory would likely expand this kind of government subsidy for renewable … Read the rest