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Xcel (XEL) Reduces Solar Rewards Payments

Xcel has reduced the amount paid to consumers and businesses who install solar power systems under its Solar Rewards program. Previously under the program, Xcel would provide a rebate to the consumer for the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) of $2.50 per KW. That amount has changed to $1.50 per KW.  Customers still get a state-mandated rebate of $2.00 per KW, so the total amount they receive has decreased 22%, from 4.50 per KW … Read the rest

Xcel Energy (XEL) To Close 2 Coal-Fired Plants And Replace Them With Wind And Solar

The Rocky Mountain News reports that Xcel Energy Inc has voluntarily offered to shut down two coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions.  The company’s plans have been approved by state regulators, and the plants will close in 2010 and 2012. Xcel will build a 200-megawatt solar energy facility and add 850 megawatts of wind energy in order to replace the older coal-fired plants.  Several solar companies have expressed interest in bidding on the solar plant, … Read the rest