Ted Turner: "Clean Energy Technology Greatest Opportunity World Has Ever Seen"

Cable TV tycoon Ted Turner believes clean energy offers the biggest opportunity the world has ever seen and compares it to cable TV 40 years ago in that the field is wide open and rife with opportunity.  From Bloomberg:

“I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I’ve made a multimillion investment in solar power,” Turner, 70, said in the interview in Washington on April 24. “I’m looking to make an investment in wind power as well.”

Turner said he has a “multimillion-dollar” stake in First Solar Inc., the world’s largest maker of thin-film solar power modules. In 2007, Turner sold DT Solar, a commercial solar- project installer, to First Solar for $34 million.

Sounds like he’s off to a good start.  Selling a solar installer during the green energy mania phase in 2007 and invested in the top solar play First Solar (FSLR) which continues to look very good technically.  All eyes will be on First Solar’s earnings report Wednesday after the bell. 

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