Tobin Smith Recommends 3 Green Stock "Hidden Gems"

I just came across an article written over a month ago by well known investment “guru” Tobin Smith, highlighting three “hidden gem” green stocks.  The article highlights Itron (ITRI), VMware (VMW) and Echelon (ELON) as companies that could benefit big in the coming green energy revolution.  Itron (ITRI) may be  relatively unknown to the average investor, but considering it’s the big guy in the smart grid space, it’s quite well known to those with a little knowledge of green stocks.

VMware (VMW) is not a stock I currently cover here but the company is a good play on the energy conservation movement and may be covered in the future.  The company makes virtualization software which can turn a single server into multiple, independent machines.  This saves on hardware and energy costs, often times significantly.


Tobin also highlights two smart grid plays – Itron and Echelon.

He says that Echelon’s LonWorks platform has become a worldwide standard in building, industrial, transportation, home automation and energy monitoring markets.  While he likes the company a lot, his favorite is Itron (ITRI) which he says is  the leader in smart meters for electricity, gas and water. 

I’d have to agree on Itron.  He mentioned he was buying ahead of earnings and so did I, which hasn’t proved profitable as of yet, but I have a longer term view and willing to ride it out with a small position for now.  I’ll look to add on breakouts above key resistance. 

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3 thoughts on “Tobin Smith Recommends 3 Green Stock "Hidden Gems"”

  1. Tobin Smith is connected to which investment agency?

  2. Tobin Smith had a several page ad in Newamax mag, early this year recommending FCPG (First China Pharma Group) at under $2,00. I invested, It tanked. What is his position on this stock now?

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