Toyota (TM) 2nd Quarter Financial Results And Hybrid Sales

Toyota released its 2nd quarter financial results today. Net revenues for the first two quarters decreased 6.3% compared to last year, to 12.19 trillion yen. Operating income decreased sharply, falling 54.2% to 582 billion yen. Net income also dropped, falling 47.6% to 493.4 billion yen. Vehicle sales also decreased by 51,000 vehicles compared to last year, with reported sales for the second quarter of 2008 coming in at 4.25 million.

With everything that’s going on in the economy, what’s happening with Toyota’s hybrid sales? Comparing data from September and October, there is definitely a slight decrease in the rate that hybrids are selling:

TMS calendar-year-to-date hybrid sales totaled 200,450 units. TMS posted September sales of 15,399 hybrid vehicles. Toyota Division posted sales of 14,579 hybrids for the month. Lexus Division posted September sales of 820 hybrids.
There were 24 selling days this month, compared to 25 selling days last September.

TMS calendar-year-to-date hybrid sales totaled 216,760 units. TMS posted October sales of 16,310 hybrid vehicles. Toyota Division recorded sales of 15,618 hybrids for the month. Lexus Division reported October sales of 692 hybrids.

There were 27 selling days this month, compared to 26 selling days last October.

So, in September, Toyota sold 642 hybrid cars per day, In October, even though the number of hybrid cars sold was great, Toyota sold only 604 hybrid cars per day. Of course, that’s not surprising given the state of the American pocketbook.  That should increase in the future.

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