Ultralife (ULBI) Gets $3 Million Grant For Lithium Battery Storage For Wind Turbines

Ultralife (ULBI) has been awarded a total of $3 million from two New York state departments to advance the development of its lithium battery storage systems in wind turbine applications.  Specifically, the funds will be used to demonstrate the technology in powering a wind turbine project planned for installation at the State University of New York At Canton next year.  Ultimately, it will be one of the first battery integrated wind turbine projects in the US.

ULBI will manufacture the 2MW/hr battery at its Newark, NY plant and the technology will allow excess power to be stored and dispatched when needed, increasing the potential output and efficiency of the wind turbine project.

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CEO John Kavazanjian commented: “This demonstration project is a natural progression of our energy storage commercialization strategy and will highlight the performance of our lithium ion battery energy storage system. Our energy storage technology could truly make the grid more versatile by allowing for renewable and alternative energy generated power to be stored and managed more efficiently, resulting in a more robust and efficient transmission and distribution power grid infrastructure. As a result, it will encourage distributed renewable power generation systems to be added throughout the grid.”

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