Whole Foods (WFMI) Carrying Converted Organics (COIN) Fertilizer In More Stores

Converted Organics (COIN) popped a bit this morning with volume when it announced that Whole Foods (WFMI) has been carrying its organic fertilizer product in quite a few more stores this year over last year.  COIN never misses a chance to get a positive press release out and they didn’t miss this opportunity either.  Whole Foods carried the product in just 18 stores last year, but this year is carrying it in 84 stores.

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VP of Marketing David Flannery commented:  “We’re very excited about this development.  Whole Foods is excited about expanding with Converted Organics’ products because they’re effective, and because they like our concept of converting food waste into valuable resources, namely an all-natural fertilizer, while also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting food waste from going to landfills.”

Shares initially broke out and briefly touched the January highs, before pulling back.  Shares still look considerably bullish on the daily chart.

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