US Renewable Energy Group And A-Power (APWR) To Cooperate On Wind Turbine Plant

The US Renewable Energy Group and A-Power just signed a cooperation agreement to develop a new US wind turbine production and assembly plant. Once completed, the planned 3,200 square foot plant will be capable of producing 1,100 MW worth of advanced wind turbines every year.

The plant will employ 1,000 workers, as well as creating jobs in construction and in manufacturing the component parts of the wind turbines, which will be sourced here.

In a press release, John Lin, A-Power’s Director and COO, commented on the news:

“We are committed to clean energy development and we are excited to partner with US-REG to build a production and assembly plant in the United States,” said. “A-Power sees great opportunities in renewable energy in America and this state-of-the-art facility will be our first major step towards bringing clean, renewable energy to the world’s largest wind power country.”

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  1. WWPW is out with NEWS this morning.

    Ecsed is now our second wind energy project in Europe following the announcement on Monday that we signed an option to acquire a 100% interest in Honelles, a 10 megawatt wind energy project located in Belgium” commented Dr. Ingo Stuckmann, CEO and director of Wind Works.” Ecsed is an advanced stage project that adds significant value to our project portfolio. We will spend over $2 million in development costs over the next three years and create an investment opportunity valued in excess of $150 million, offering significant leverage to our development dollars.


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