Utah Signs Renewable Energy Bills At Raser’s (RZ) Hatch Plant

When you think of renewable energy leadership at the state level, you typically think of California but Utah is making some announcements this morning indicating they want to join the party. 

At Raser Technologies (RZ) Hatch geothermal plant in Thermo, Utah governor Jon Huntsman signed two renewable energy bills that will aim to upgrade the electrical grid and provide tax incentives to green projects.

Senate Bill 76 establishes a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority which will provide financial incentives and state support to upgrade the electrical grid and help renewable energy projects gain transmission access to the markets where power is needed. 

House Bill 430 provides major tax incentives to renewable energy products including a refundable certificate up to the amount of the economic benefit realized by the state.

Brent M. Cook, CEO of Raser, said, “We are proud to be one of the inaugural renewable energy projects up and running in the state’s new renewable energy zone. In signing this legislation, Governor Huntsman is marking the dawn of Utah’s renewable energy era through the support that our state government is providing.”

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