Verenium (VRNM) Announces Partnership With Add Food Service GmbH

Verenium just announced a partnership with Add Food Service GmbH. Under the multi-product distribution agreement, Add Food Service GmbH will distribute two of Verenium’s specialty enzyme products, Fuelzyme and Veretase, in locations outside of the US, including Europe. These enzymes are used to liquefy starches for use in cellulosic ethanol as well as foods and beverages.

In a company press release, Janet Roemer, Verenium’s Executive Vice President, Specialty Enzymes Business, commented on the partnership:

“Verenium welcomes the opportunity to work with Add Food Service for the distribution of Fuelzyme and Veretase.  “By partnering with Add Food, Verenium is working to ensure that our current alpha amylase products are able to achieve maximum global market penetration. “In addition, bringing together the two companies for the development of new innovative enzyme products for starch processing is an opportunity to benefit both businesses over the long-term,” she added.

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  1. Speaking of news, Verenium has filed notice with the SEC that it will vote on a reverse stock split, between 12-1 and 20-1 split…

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