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Verenium (VRNM) Aims To Replace Acids In Fracking Process

There’s a good article over at Fast Company highlighting Verenium (VRNM) which believes its enzymes can replace the corrosive acids currently used in the fracking process to extract natural gas deposits.  The fracking process is considerably damaging to the environment with highly corrosive acids getting into groundwater channels.  The oil & gas companies didn’t give a damn as long as the profits continued to flow, but as the impact of this destructive behavior comes to … Read the rest

Verenium (VRNM) Receives Approval In China For Purifine, Shares Surging

Verenium (VRNM) is moving up about 8% in pre-market trading on news that another one of its edible oils, Purifine, has received China approval for sale as a processing aid in the oilseed production process in order to improve yield.  The edible oils market is a $100 billion global market and China’s growth in edible oils just as it is for many industries, is growing at a fast pace.  I’m not entirely sure if this … Read the rest

Verenium (VRNM) Licenses Enzyme For Edible Oils To Bunge (BG), Shares Breaking Out

Verenium (VRNM) is breaking out with heavy volume today on news it has licensed a new enzyme for use in the production of edible oil products to Bunge Oils, a subsidiary of Bunge Limited (BG).  The enzyme was developed as part of the R&D agreement with Bunge to develop edible oils such as cooking oil, shortening, margarines and other products derived from soybeans and corn.

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BP Purchases Verenium’s (VRNM) Cellulosic Biofuel Biz

Shares of Verenium (VRNM) nearly doubled at the open this morning before giving much of it back after it was announced that BP would purchase their cellulosic biofuels business for $98 million which includes facilities in Jennings, LA and San Diego, California.  Verenium retains its commercial enzyme business and retains the right to develop its own cellulosic enzyme program, select R&D capabilities and access to select biofuel technology developed by BP.

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Verenium (VRNM) Misses, Posts Another Big Loss

Verenium (VRNM) is another one of those green stocks that’s probably best left alone.  No profits in sight and continuing to trade around all time lows.  The company posted another big loss of $1.05 after the bell today which was much steeper than the .33/share loss analysts had expected.  Revenues were also light coming in at $13 million vs the analyst estimate of $17.5 million.  If there is one bright spot in the quarter, it’s … Read the rest

Verenium (VRNM) Gets $4.9M More From DOE For Demonstration-Scale Facility

Verenium just announced that they have received an additional $4.9M from the U.S. Department of Energy for its demonstration-scale cellulosic ethanol facility in Jennings, LA. The money, an extension of a previously-awarded grant, will be used to improve the biorefining process used at the plant.

In a press release, Carlos A. Riva, President and Chief Executive Officer at Verenium, commented on the news:

“We are very pleased to receive this additional funding from the … Read the rest

World’s Largest Soybean Plant Now Using Verenium’s (VRNM) Purifine Enzyme

Verenium just announced that Molinos Rio de la Plata’s San Lorenzo plant, the largest soybean processing plant in the world, has successfully converted to Verenium’s Purifine enzymatic degumming process.

In a press release, Janet Roemer, Verenium’s Executive Vice President, Specialty Enzymes Business, commented on the news:

“Molinos’ ability to adopt new innovative technologies is what makes them a global leader in the edible oil market,” said “Verenium is pleased to be able to work … Read the rest

Verenium (VRNM) Extends Galaxy Joint Development Program With BP

Verenium just announced that its Galaxy joint development program with BP will continue for an additional month, ending April of this year while the two companies continue to negotiate a long term agreement for developing and commercializing cellulosic ethanol. To continue the current agreement through March, BP will provide Verenium with another $2.5 million.

In a press release, Carlos A. Riva, President and Chief Executive Officer at Verenium, said that “Both Verenium and BP remain … Read the rest

Government Driven Investing – Carbon Capture & Sequestration & Cellulosic Ethanol Plays: PEIX, GPRE, VRNM, BIOF, PX

The following article is republished with permission from Cabot and written by Andy Obermueller of Government-Driven Investing.

The President’s health care initiative rests on a shelf with little talk in Congress about what’s next for the sweeping overhaul. At the same time, Mr. Obama has re-positioned the chessboard for his climate-control bill, suggesting at a town-hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, last Tuesday that the legislation might need to be split: One bill would contain … Read the rest

Verenium Corporation Signs Agreement With VPP To Develop Ethanol From Paper/Pulp Wastes

Verenium Corporation just announced that it has signed an agreement with Value Prior to Pulping (VPP), an organization that is a special project between the American Forest and Paper Association and Cleantech Partners, Inc. Under the agreement, the two organizations will work together to try out Verenium’s C5 technology to see how well it works for making ethanol from hemicelluloses created during the pulp and paper process.

If it works, an average kraft mill (producing … Read the rest