World Sports Alliance and Republic of Guinea To Use Converted Organics (COIN) Technology in Africa

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08:47:50 am on June 11, 2009

Converted Organics just announced that the World Sports Alliance (aka the WSA) and the Republic of Guinea will use the company’s food-waste composting technologies in Africa to turn food scraps into organic fertilizer for crops. The WSA is utilizing Converted Organic’s High Temperature Liquid Composting process as part of its Waste-to-Fertilizer program, and the Republic of Guinea is the first of the WSA’s 24 member nations to begin participating. Hopefully, this technology will help farmers in Guinea improve crop yields while recycling waste.

In a press release, Jack Walsdorf, Converted Organics’ VP of waste management, commented on the effort:

“As Chief Technology Partner to the WSA, Converted Organics is very pleased that our proprietary High Temperature Liquid Composting technology and related processes will play an integral role in the WSA’s visionary Waste-to Fertilizer program,” said Jack Walsdorf, Vice President of Waste Management for Converted Organics. “We are confident that other WSA Member States will follow the fine example set by the Republic of Guinea and embark upon a similar sustainable recycling effort.”

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