Xcel Energy Partners With 42U To Improve Data Center Efficiency

Xcel Energy just announced a partnership with 42U as part of its Data Center Efficiency Program. Under the agreement, 42U will work with Xcel Energy’s data center customers to help them find ways to become more efficient and use less energy.

42U will act as a consultant to participating Xcel customers, reviewing their operations and making recommendations. Xcel Customers can get rebates for each kilowatt of energy saved after they make the suggested improvements.

In a company press release, the manager of the program describes its potential benefits for Xcel Energy’s business customers:

"Whether managers are interested in demonstrating green business practices or simply want to save money on energy bills, efficiency is the best place to start," said Xcel Energy program manager Ann Garbow. "Our studies can help identify energy saving opportunities in data center equipment, design and operational choices.”

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