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01:32:38 pm on September 1, 2014

A good hunger test is to drink a glass of water and wait minutes before cruising down the drive through. Maybe have a bottle of wine that you bought while your honeymoon in France, or maybe it’s just a bottle from the market, which you think is fabulous, either way wine bottle holders are a better option to simply standing it on the Look around and you can find 5 lb bags of the stuff for 5 bucks.Of course, everyone needs to carry things on occasion, but you don’t see men carrying a purse.Munro head repeatedly in the cell. single most powerful producer on the west coast, Geoff Chaser, stood inside, waiting for his friend’s arrival.The bad news is that I now have to be on poop patrol. I cook in a pressure cooker and it only takes about minutes.Resource management.

Gee (you perhaps think to yourself) whillikers.Regular physical activity improves overall health, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, and enhances quality of life.”

I carry a diaper bag I found a large diaper bag w/ a padded strap that fits laptop, folders, shoes ( wear sneakers to work change when I get to my desk) and my sweater LOL was the only thing I coudl find big enough to haul all my crap.


If Murali’s advantage was the number of matches he played in spin friendly conditions, then Warne’s plus was the support he got from the rest of the Australian bowlers. illustrate the principle, look at the two ‘plates’ in the drawing below:
The sugar maple is abundant, and the product of one of the orchards, in the best seasons, has been 3300 lbs.

And I would imagine those that stand a lot from back pain who do repetitive motions like sitting, standing, squatting or heavy lifting.

Pack your laptop (plus power, plug adapters suitable for your destination, and a cable for hotel internet connections). get to Thomas Edison and his feelings about human evolution and non violence. who tortilla chips are said to be organized, dependable, and planned.there doesn’t seem to be anything hereclose this windowyou’ll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.These medications are useful to relieve the pain and stop the tearing, redness, itching, burning and stinging, but cannot treat the infection associated with the eye stye. It has around since 1955 and is an item that never goes out of style.Fortunately, there is an alternative to buying good clothing at relatively lower prices and that is by shopping for China wholesale clothing.

Cut the spareribs into individual ribs and put in a resealable plastic bag.Today we are going to talk about the proper height for the speed bag.Be aware/careful for any staples into the carpet wich could possibly damage or make it worse.Rather than potentially be stranded in different cities for the game, the Cobbs chose to drive back to Huntsville Sunday night through the blowing snow and freezing rain.

I’m still a proponent for young adults starting their own business outside of school because they have less to loss than an experience veteran. Police and emergency medical services workers taught staff to recognize of drug use so they could turn away people using drugs and, when appropriate, call 911. Last year, sheet sales dropped to $9,000 after all, how many do families at school need? but the company introduced new prints this year, so Hendrickson’s giving it another go. So out the treats all together!Try Craigslist.

If are interested in buying this type of bag for your child, check around to see what’s available, but you won’t find any cuter designs than with the Wildkin Messenger Bags!V neck halter dresses look great on petite brides.2) Askreddit is for open ended, discussion inspiring questions.

Chowing down on one of Babe brethren provides 20g of protein in every 100g, and will also spike your testosterone levels essential for endurance to its abundance of zinc.

Codebreaker Gareth, from Anglesey, North Wales, was found in a bag, in a flat full of women’s clothing and wigs, and with his internet browsing history featuring bondage sites, sparking a flurry of allegations which shocked and horrified his parents.Now, at 15, he is happy at Danum School Technology College, an 11 18 comprehensive near Doncaster.Meat and DairyWe used to be vegetarian, but now eat meat a couple times a week.

okay? pce bro. It is a small square room where a table, a telephone, a vendor and several hundred multi colored avoskas are cramped together, giving the impression you somehow managed to squeeze into the of a huge kaleidoscope.

What if something that is gone can not be brought back? What message will that tell us? I think we can modify and have a similar version that would be able to adapt to the environments atmosphir of todays, but I do not see any creature from millions of years ago being able to live very long in todays world.D’Cruz Young

Photo Collage Frame Reviews and cheap prices for the best collage photo frames
I bought sunglasses that afternoon and sat in a caf with an schoolfriend. The plastic bag holds waste and zips up for simple and leak loose’s Italian and her bride is Croatian.In 1897, Alfred Cralle introduced an ice cream scoop and mold. A lot of them have never been forced to play in the half, forced to see what happens when an opponent denies them the run.

Avoid Fast Food: you should limit how you allow your children to eat fast food, as it is high in fat and calories.To become a diving instructor you must first be a Dive master.Do not get overwhelmed by beading or rhinestones For many petite women, staying away from huge prints is a guideline of sorts.They’re great for cleaning up grubby faces and even noses when I’m out of tissues. by at 12:14 AM March 19, 2010 [2 favorites]
Improper technique can be a problem.I’ve never run from it.

Because I do feel stupid for having naive enough to be tricked into doing this.English English Espaol
Today it’s a new world.Marge spent the night in the hospital but didn suffer any broken bones.

He says World War II made him a life long pessimist.?Where to find the high frozen yogurt mix
And if that same person happens to walk by and say the same thing Who got the munchies? Well, that just clinches it and serves to further reinforce Is that binging? What if it was a small chocolate bar? What if it was a small bag of chips? What if it was doughnut or Danish or an Iced Capp? Is that binging?
If you think that you need professional support, please contact a professional in your area. My Maria and I were in El Cerrito last Thursday on our way to a but we were kinda and wanted something delicious and salty and yummy.Mary

They shouted messages to her as she was taken away, saying, “we love you sis”, and, “stay strong”.

Of course, the folks at work are to think pounding back all day.

“They can still use a rolling tote, or cart, if their waste hauler has that option and don’t use bags.” It’s unique, and for the most, has one of the strongest geographical (Buffalo and UMass kind of ruin I had to have a auto loan refi document notarized. Perhaps an old vial fell out of a coat pocket and I didn’t realize it went because I need it.

It is unknown exactly when or why December 25 became associated with Jesus’ birth. It resembles a large purse with a flap front, and measures 13 inches, by 10 inches tall, and is inches deep. Though she starred in many of his films after their breakup (there’s that split theme again), Annie Hall is by far her most famous Allen role.

Public forums are being planned to answer residents’ questions and concerns.?West Virginia water tests encouraging after chemical spill
If you are traveling with a lightweight carry bag, for instance, the Big Bertha might suit your needs, while if you are traveling with a full sized staff bag, you should probably consider the or X series.

Many people haven’t worked out in a while or for whatever other reason may be very self conscious when it to a gym or club.First let me make you a wedding dress and decorate it with syringes.This wasn’t a small campaign.Spot and stalk hunting is another strategy that works well for bears.If you find that your bird is underdone or too dry by the end of your expected cooking time, make a few adjustments. Some said that the Peekaboo Bicolor Handle Bag was more of an artwork rather than fashion accessory. But they not sure how to respond.In Markham, councillors have actually delayed the implementation of the plastic bag ban for use with organics, so concerned are they about the public backlash over price and confusion concerning other town recyling efforts.The boy, Numbu, is very shy and hides behind his mother.

Indigo, do know where the website is for the two drawings attributed to JonBenet? I they were in a group of pictures on a website Jaycee put up.They have made some improvements since I had this.

Or does a Quad show up as in task manager, even in Vista?
I would suggest making sure your partner is holding the laptop bag in the security line.I’ve got it too!?William

In this collection of eight novels by Lucy Maude Montgomery, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a rather prim and elderly brother and sister pair, send away for an orphan boy to help them farm on Canada’s Prince Edward Island.I would have suggested airplane ride if I didn’t see the last line of your question.For some people, it’s a stressful decision.Matt Swoon
If you’ve ever played, you might understand the delicate nature of the spoken word and how unreliable hearsay can be. This includes but is not limited to, legal, mental health and financial advice.

The odd thing was that every time I played with Jim, I scored really well, despite my frustration with golf.

Clue 5: Something amazing has, as you probably know; a fairy godmother has appeared who says I can go.0) and Quebec 759.It would be correct to say, no matter where youmight be in the universe that “the weight of a mass is the forceof gravity on the mass.” The officers allegedly told Christian that his ID card was false, and “ he not afford to make such an expensive purchase.” There’s nothing in airline policy about what you are allowed to wear (other than you should probably have clothes on), and JAKTOGO’s make it easy to all your belongings with a loophole. Located on the beach, about halfway between Aransas and Mustang Island State Park.Baseball caps, t shirts or sweatshirts (especially with logos, college names, etc.

Looking ahead to the end of the week, more rain is for much of the country on Friday, with a risk of widespread course, also have kept aoe see who grab, then match wits.No politics.We have been experiencing an intense focus on “wellness” for close to a decade now, but it seems little has been done to really improve health and well being in this country.

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01:30:21 pm on August 31, 2014

Pour ma part, j’ai utilisé le north face de 7 500 que j’avais décroché pour financer mes études de commerce.L’autre grande raison de craquer pour le 5S, c’est sans nul doute la performance de sa puce principale.ceux là vous vivifieront

1Il est north face pas cher de pénétrer dans Faust, Tragédie subjective, pièce fragmentaire de Pessoa.notamment les enjeux et moncler paris désaccords internationaux
L’intervention a été très forte entre 1917 et 1921, date à laquelle L.aime d’ailleurs à rappeler pierre rainero

l’injustice des partis, les admirateurs de ses vertus ont opposé leur ardent enthousiasme. Les participants aux fonds devront donc une charte établie par l’association.En ce deuxième jour du mois de décembre, de nombreux enfants dégusteront tranquillement leur deuxième chocolat du mois avant de partir à l’école.Aujourd’hui, les femmes ne veulent pas être réduites à une couleur.There was no want of respect in the young man’s address; and Fanny’s reception of it was so proper and modest, so calm and uninviting, that he had nothing to censure in her.8 ovocytes prélevés et le lendemain verdict : seulement 3 fécondés.Plus vous allaitez votre b plus vous produirez de lait.Au fait, que vient faire la culpabilité là dedans Zoup d vous le savent, Surface to Air compte dans mes références (= dans ma ).D. N. de la maison, mais aussi, finalement, d’un certain imaginaire sentimental des mariées du monde entier.Et mon turbo refonctionne , j’ai retrouvé toute ma cavalerie.ce qui exaspère le plus germaine

par de 1023 diamants jaune et 1060collier hindou
La poignée fait l’unanimité contre elle pour son manque d’accroche, d’autant que le SX40 HS n’est pas uggs pas cher plus léger des bridges ; toutefois, le creux généreux sous le pouce compense un peu.Il y avait une certaine impatience chez les ouvriers.Je ne sais rien d’ailleurs de M.!! l’autonomie et la qualité des photo et au rendez vous également !rodney mullen ou lo masmont

Vraiment pas pratique douodune moncler le sens ou j’ai beaucoup de résidu de résine autour de l’ongle et bonne chance pour l’enlever.Tain . ça commence à m’énerver sérieux !21014 21018, R21734, veste moncler 23879 23884].Mais tout porte croire qu’il s’agit d’une tradition, proche de celle des stammb qui, en Allemagne, ont trouv leurs collectionneurs cause des enluminures et aquarelles qui ornent ces petits albums de citations r de main de femme.dit document
Cependant, ce ne sont pas uniquement les nouveaux écrivains qui ont transformé la littérature franco ontarienne en cette fin de siècle.

h la halle aux g etc
Cette petite touche de fantaisie prendra tout son sens si elle n’est pas assortie au reste. La concordance entre la position des fronts canada goose parka et la position de la limite infieure des ceintures tout au long de l indique que l du broutage se rercute l cie en contrant la pration en profondeur des ceintures de laminaires.

Valérie Trierweiler avait déjà donné une conférence presse à quelques journalistes, le 27 janvier, en Inde, alors qu’elle effectuait voyage humanitaire avec l’ONG Action contre la faim, mais ce jeudi 30 janvier, c’est à Paris Match pour lequel elle rédige des chroniques littéraires qu’elle a accordé un entretien.

Que peut faire l’employeur s’il se rend compte que l’un de ses salariés souffre de présentéisme Il est important de rencontrer le salarié, ne pas le parka canada goose de côté, ni le mépriser.Montpellier, qui accueille son voisin Nîmes samedi pour le dernier match de l’année, pourrait revenir à deux points du duo et donc se replacer dans la lutte pour le titre.revenir à la casa patas pour y voir du flamenco
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la manchette fait partie des bijoux les plus anciens
Après un lifting complet de la plupart de ses magasins (déco, lumière.”Depuis le premier jour de pr pour les qualifications de la zone Asie, nous nous sommes promis d’obtenir notre s pour la Coupe du Monde.séquelle d’enfant grand brûlé qu’ils n’étaient que 800 il y a seulement cinq ans sont d’ailleurs divisés en deux catégories, les Classiques, regroupant les habituels Match à Mort, Recherche Destruction, QG, Capture de Drapeau mais qui accueille également deux nouveaux bien fendards.”Il faudrait qu’il se calme Cyril, franchement, il y a de la place pour tout le monde !I can answer for it that Miss Dashwood’s is not, said Mrs.merci je garde espoir !

Pour finir, NY ne me pas rêver.

C’est un parfum évident, mais pas simple, qui harmonise la parfumerie moderne ancienne en mariant des produits de synthèse très pointus (telles des aldéhydes aux notes de muguet) à des essences naturelles classiques.une histoire qui n’est pas sans rappeler my little princess
Si suffixe iser est très productif en français pour la formation des verbes (actualiser, carboniser, démocratiser, étatiser, populariser), on constate qu’on ne l’utilise jamais avec des radicaux qui se terminant parde ceux du kangchenjunga
je me demandais comment on pouvait arriver à marcher avec
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Pendant l’année où je fus jeté par mon père dans le tourbillon de la grande société, j’y vins avec un coeur neuf, avec une âme fraîche.En parallèle, il poursuit ses études de professeur de sport à Rennes.jen ai subi puisque jai été concerné
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Cette visite, cette ré exploration du passé, n pas anodine: le passé n plus doudoune moncler qu était, il est transformé par un ensemble d étrangers à notre histoire.La veille, encore, la candidate du Front national affirmait qu’elle ne débattrait pas avec le leader du Front de gauche.un smartphone, Violeta semble être tout simplement une ligne pour celles qui sont trop souvent prises entre deux feux, entre les tailles standards et les grandes tailles, entre les minces et les rondes, entre les maigres et les grosses Tout bonnement une ligne de vêtements pour celles qui jusqu devait toujours faire un choix entre un clan ou un autre, sans vraiment faire partie d groupe ou de l au lieu de simplement se faire plaisir avec des vêtements à leurs courbes.Les bons starters.Cr en 2007, cette plateforme de blogs permet de poster du texte, des images, des vid des liens et des sons.conservateur du patrimoine adjoint
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La spectroscopie Raman est une technique de diffusion de la lumière, donc tout ce qu’il, pour la collecte d’un spectre, c’est de canada goose paris l’échantillon dans le faisceau d’excitation et de collecter la lumière diffusée.t’y tiens tu

J’ai détaillé dans mon livre les critiques des anciens ministres de la Culture de droite, Jean Jacques Aillagon, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres et Christine Albanel, notamment, contre Nicolas Sarkozy. Fautif au départ lors de son dernier essai, il a montré d’évidents moyens depuis son débarquement le territoire français. hausse que tous les consommateurs ne sont pas disposés à payer, pas sans une réelle démonstration de valeur en tout cas.Cette premi impression est vite oubli la r du Vax.force de parler un mélange de anglais hindi

General Steel (GSI) Big Breakout, Wait For Retrace

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04:11:34 pm on March 16, 2014

The play right now is in the metals space – gold, silver, industrial metals, mining, etc.  The steel sector as a whole isn’t doing real well right now, but what the heck steel it’s a metal and GSI is showing massive buy demand on a recent breakout.  Take a look at the chart below.  At the beginning of March General Steel (GSI) staged a massive 60% breakout move with extremely heavy volume and now needs to retrace much of that move, providing a 2nd chance opportunity.   It has already retraced half of the entire move, but I believe there is more to go possibly down to the 1.15 – 1.20 level which would provide an excellent opportunity to scale in with a small 1st position.  Perhaps that move takes place quickly out of the gates Monday morning.

gsi stock

This is a stock that soared from just over a buck to above $19 in about 9 months back in 2007.  Could a move like that happen again?  It’s not impossible, but of course the chances are extremely slim.  That doesn’t mean you could get a quick double or triple out of this one in a very short timeframe!


Disclaimer: I have no position in GSI at this time, but may look for an entry within the range I described above.

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Stock Charts Review – AMAT, NSTG, ENTA; Metals Are The Play Now

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02:27:44 pm on March 16, 2014

Well it’s been a long time once again since I’ve posted here so realistically consistent posting probably isn’t going to happen.  All my time these days is spent with Bumblejax which has been a terrific journey and remains my passion, but I miss the stock analysis and trading which I have only dabbled in the past few years.  However, the decision to step away from the market was the best decision ever for both my mental and physical health.  Being on the West Coast I can’t say I miss the 5:30AM alarm clock to get ready for the market day or the constant pressure and long hours to make sure I was providing the best information to my members at Self Investors in a timely fashion.  In a nutshell, doing that for 6 years burned me out.

I will always be fascinated by the market and the opportunities it presents.  I love researching new companies breaking out of bases for the first time following an IPO (which by the way, is often the most significant and potentially rewarding trade setup there is).  The heart and soul of my strategy remains within an analysis of the stock chart which provides a picture of supply and demand.  With that said, a lot can be learned by reviewing past stock picks to see how things panned out.  At the end of the article I’ll provide a new momentum stock play to keep an eye on in the hottest sector right now.

First up is Applied Materials (AMAT) which I wrote about in Sept of last year as it was breaking out of a double bottom base (albeit, not a perfect one) at just above $17.  Here was the chart at the time:


Now let’s take a look at the current chart to see how it fared.  You can see in the chart below it’s been a methodical, steady move up of a bit less than 10%.  Not bad, but not impressive.  Exactly what you’d expect from a big market cap stock in a rising market.  The real gains are seen in small to mid caps which you’ll see below.


The last round of breakout stocks I highlighted were in the biotech space which at the time was on fire.  That’s the key, find stocks breaking out in sectors that are catching fire across the board and your chances of success skyrocket.  Let’s take a look at NSTG.  When I highlighted it in September of last year it had just broken out of a picture perfect pennant formation .. an absolute beautiful setup for another run higher.


Take a look at the run from that breakout.  Granted, this took a bit of time to get going, but once it did it really got going!  So here’s a key moment in this trade which took place at the end of October.  See how the stock continued drifting down consolidating the big gain in September?  Had you got in during the breakout when I highlighted it at around 11.50, you’d be down a fair amount at that point and a bit nervous about holding right?  You and quite a few others.  Look how the stock shook out nervous traders, but finished the day near the top of the range which was the moment the stock  more than doubled in price.  Reversal moves like that where the stock sells off sharply in the 1st half of the trading day only to recover and close near the top of the trading range is always bullish.  It’s a capitulation move.

This is a great example that highlights some important lessons.  Lesson #1 – Do Not Enter the Entire Position Right Away.  Particularly with highly risky biotech stocks, you want to scale in slowly.  For these kinds of stocks I would typically start small with 2.5 % of the total portfolio.  This will limit the need to have a finger on the sell trigger at all times and give the stock a chance to breathe and do its thing which hopefully more often than not is up.  In this case that last dip at the end of October didn’t take out the huge breakout point in early September.  That breakout remained technically intact.  As it turned out this stock just needed more time to digest that huge gain which brings me to Lesson #2 – The Greater The Breakout Move, The Longer The Consolidation.  In this case, where I highlighted that pennant, the stock had only spent a few days consolidating that massive gain making the odds greater that it needed more time.  It doesn’t mean you can’t get in there, it just means you need to be sure to scale in slowly and give it time if it needs it.  The next breakout point in this stock was actually right out of a cup with handle type setup on Dec 6th above $13.  You could have added your 2nd position (I like to add another 2.5% of total portfolio value).


Ok let’s take a look at the next biotech breakout stock ENTA which I highlighted around the same time in Sept ’13.  This was a stock I needed to see consolidate a big breakout move that had taken place.  The 1st entry point in this stock was out of that flat base around $20.  You could have scaled into it with a 1st position at that point.  If you missed the initial breakout, no worries there are almost always 2nd chances which brings me to Lesson #3 – Breakouts Always Retrace.  What I mean by that is that in almost all cases a stock that breaks out will retrace at least half of the breakout move and often times the entire breakout move to the original breakout point.


A current chart helps to explain this concept better.  See how this stock retraced the ENTIRE move and offered a 2nd chance? This brings me to LESSON #4 – NEVER Chase A Breakout.  If you don’t get in on the breakout within 5% or less of the breakout point, let it go to minimize risk.  You want to catch them as close to the breakout point as possible.  If it gets away from you no problem!  Almost all stocks will provide a 2nd chance as this one did.  Two opportunities to capture a double on your investment in just a couple weeks.  Not too shabby.

DISCLAIMER:  Now would be a good time to remind you that the results of these two biotech plays are not typical!  I know you know that but for someone new to trading, it’s worth repeating.  These two happened to work out extremely well.  Not all do which is why it’s important to scale in with a small position and exit if the initial breakout point is broken.  You can be right less than half the time and still do extremely well if you hit on a few of these and minimize losses.  Trading is all about minimizing risk and maximizing potential reward.  The lessons above will do that and tip the odds in your favor.


Tesla Motors (TSLA) is another stock highlighted here in 2013, but I won’t get into the details of the chart of Tesla Motors (TSLA) in this post.  I think my original post covered it fairly well and you can look for similarities to the charts above.  Take a look at the 1st and 2nd chance it offered around $40/share in April 2013 before going onto more than a 600% gain in less than a year.  A new company, disrupting a long established industry breaking to new all time highs is always an extremely bullish sign and a chance at significant profit.  In this case extraordinary profit.  Even at $250 TSLA’s chart still look very healthy, but needs quite a bit of consolidation time.  No it’s not a good place to get into TSLA for the first time.

The Action Right Now Is In Metals

I’d like to wrap up this post with LESSON #5 –  70% of Stocks Move In Direction Of General Market, so it gets a bit riskier up here as the overall market remains at overextended levels with some recent selling pressure.  For that reason it’s even more important to choose a sector that is heating up.  One such sector are the metal plays with significant breakouts off the bottom in gold and silver playing out over the past few weeks.  The leading metal plays have already had healthy runs, but there are still opportunities.  When I first highlighted those biotech plays, the biotech stocks had already been heating up for a few weeks and they remained on fire for several months.  This run in metals could last awhile.

So a bit of a disclaimer on these metal play breakout plays.  They are quite speculative lower priced stocks with greater risk, but greater reward as well.  Same rule applies.  Scale in with an initial smaller position.

Go here to see the first momentum metal play!  This stock soared from just over a buck to over $19/share in about a 9 months span in 2007.  Will it make a similar move?



Can Nokia (NOK) Still Have A Large Market Impact?

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12:32:00 pm on October 29, 2013

It is only a few months ago that some critics were labeling mobile phone giant Nokia as ‘finished’. In truth, Nokia had fallen well behind rivals Apple and Microsoft in the smartphone market and, until September, its future did look relatively bleak.

The Impact of the Microsoft Takeover

Early September saw the announcement that Microsoft would buy the handset device segment of Nokia. Immediately, the share price of Nokia rose from $4 to $5. Since then, the naysayers have jumped ship and the good news has continued to flow. Many bailed out as stock rose to $5 but now, with stock at $7 and still rising, this looks as though it could be the re-invigoration of Nokia.

The future for Nokia now looks very different and it is hard to imagine a world where anyone would vote against the deal. Yes, there are many uncertainties about the share price and the company will undoubtedly have to change as it loses its handset department. However, going from being very cash poor to being very cash rich is not going to be one of these concerns.

Nokia’s Previous Struggles

Nokia’s CEO has spent his three years in the job warning about the issues that he inherited when he took over the position. Such issues meant that Nokia missed out on three generations or ‘cycles’ of handsets and, as a result, their market share tumbled to a mere 3%.

Nokia, a company famed for the affordability and reliability of their devices, had lost their market share to Apple who were instead providing the opposite business plan.  Instead of adapting, Nokia stuck to their business plan, ditching smartphones in favor of cheaper and more reliable handsets, leaving the gadgets and glamour to Apple.

The problem, however, wasn’t limited to just Nokia, with Motorola (bought by Google) and Blackberry (dwindling sales) forced to the periphery of the market as well.  If you don’t continue to innovate, you die.  Ironically, Microsoft the savior, has long been a follower rather than an innovator.  It’s just that their massive pile of cash has allowed them to make many mistakes, missing big trends, and then as Microsoft does best, throw a bunch of cash in trying to catch up later.

Looking to the Future: The Positives

In the immediate future, new phones and a net tablet are expected to be unveiled. It looks as though Nokia is alive and kicking, even if it isn’t a market leader. Financially, Nokia will also go from being very cash poor to very cash rich and it will also have full control of the Nokia Siemens network at a time when the world is rebuilding its wireless networks. Although there is an incredibly long way to go, it looks as though Nokia is definitely on the right track.

The State of the American Economy: Can Nokia Profit?

The downside for Nokia, however, is that many punters still remain risk averse after America’s flirtation with the debt ceiling. As a result, forex trades, stock trades and other trades the world over remain low. Analysts at still believe that the markets are being hampered by these risk aversion strategies. This, however, may be useful for Nokia’s low cost devices, particularly in times of economic strife. All in all, it appears as though Nokia’s stock may rise slightly in the short term, but the long term impacts may be even greater.

Headlines: Twitter IPO, Soaring Home Values, Apple’s iTunes Radio & 5C & Inspiration!

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04:36:00 pm on September 24, 2013

Here are some business and stock market headline news stories to chew on this evening…

Home Values Have Soared Over Past Year!

Across 20 major US cities, the average home value increase was 12.4% which is the most in 7 years!  However, it looks as though the rate of increase has peaked for now.  “More cities are experiencing slow gains each month than the previous month, suggesting that the rate of increase may have peaked,” David M. Blitzer, chairman of the index committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices, said in a statement.  Prices rose fastest in Las Vegas, which saw annual gains of 27.5%. Prices in San Francisco jumped 24.8%, Los Angeles 20.8% and San Diego 20.4%.  Sure seems like a mini bubble in housing right now particularly with mortgage rates a full percentage point higher in the past few months.

Twitter IPO Headed to the NYSE?

Rumor has it that Twitter is leaning towards listing on the NYSE.  The company announced (er, rather Tweeted) a couple weeks ago that it had filed for an IPO confidentially which means the company can keep its financials under wraps until 3 weeks before the IPO prices.  We’ll continue to follow the news surrounding what should be a much hyped (overhyped?) IPO.  Perhaps this is the IPO that marks the top of the internet stocks frenzy over the past year.

100 Inspirational Quotes

Hey, we could all use some inspiration once in awhile!  Print these out and pin up in the office.

Is Apple’s Big iPhone Estimate Beat Overblown?

Some analysts are questioning just how well the iPhone 5C is selling because Apple includes phones shipped to retailers as sold.  One analyst said, “the 5C appears to continue to be (uncharacteristically) widely available, suggesting that Apple may have been overzealous in estimating its appeal.”  If you’re trading AAPL, get a free daily analysis of the chart here. 

iTunes Radio Impressive Debut.  Does It Spell Trouble for Pandora (P)?

In 5 days iTunes Radio added 11 million users which will put in the realm of iHeartRadio.  Next up is Spotify with 20 million users and the behemoth in the niche Pandora (P) which has 65 million users.  Analysts disagree on the impact it will have on Pandora.  There are cases for and against so if you’re trading Pandora you’ll need to keep a close eye on the chart.  The iTunes Radio news has been out for months and the stock has done VERY well since then.  It has pulled back a bit on news of the success of iTunes Radio, but given the huge run in the stock, this is a very normal pullback right now.   You can get a free daily analysis of the strength of the Pandora stock chart here.




Applied Materials (AMAT) Surges To 5Yr High On Tokyo Electron Mega Merger News

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11:40:16 am on September 24, 2013

Applied Materials (AMAT) is surging higher today to a new 5 year high after it was announced it would merge with another global giant, Tokyo Electron Limited, in an all stock transaction valuing the new company at nearly 30 billion.  The merger brings together complementary technologies in the semiconductor and display markets and is expected to close in about a year.  After the close, Applied Materials shareholders will own approximately 68% of the new company and Tokyo Electron shareholders approximately 32%.  The combined company will have a new name, but dual HQ’s and a dual listing on the Tokyo Exchange as well as the Nasdaq.

Tetsuro Higashi, Chairman, President and CEO of Tokyo Electron, said, “Today, we are launching a new company and taking a bold step forward for our industry.  Built on a foundation of people, technology and commitment, we are creating a truly global company that we believe will expand the value we deliver to our customers and be able to achieve new levels of financial performance.”

Gary Dickerson, President and CEO of Applied Materials, said, “We are creating a global innovator in precision materials engineering and patterning that provides our new company with significant opportunities to solve our customers’ high-value problems better, faster and at lower cost.  We believe the combination will accelerate our momentum for profitable growth, increase the value we deliver to shareholders and create great opportunities for our employees.”

As mentioned above, AMAT is looking quite bullish and breaking out to a multi year high today.  It probably needs to spend a few weeks digesting gains at some point soon, but AMAT appears to be a solid long term play.

You can get a free daily technical analysis “analysis” of AMAT for free here!  Don’t miss it.


Biotech IPO Breakout – NanoString Technologies (NSTG)

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09:48:13 pm on September 23, 2013

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Solar Stocks Soar On First Solar (FSLR) Guidance

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02:07:28 pm on April 9, 2013

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