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01:02:54 am on May 19, 2015

Using the frosting in the piping bag, pipe thick cross shapes between where the cupcakes meet one another and over the marshmallows so there are no visible gaps between the cupcakes. Sprinkle with jimmies to coat.To make goal posts for the cupcake “field,” microwave the chocolate chips in a small microwave safe bowl until just melted,toms shoes uk sale, 30 to 45 seconds. Keep 2 cookie sticks whole for the bases of the posts.

This recipe shows you how to make an Exquisite Pot Roast in a pressure cooker. For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients: a pot roast, 5 onions, coriander, mustard seeds, and veal stock. In the base of the pressure cooker, brown beef in fat.

Simply adding a different lettuce to your go to salad can turn a dish that was getting tired into an absolute new favourite. (We’re looking at you,cheap tom shoes, kale.) No one would blame you for passing over celery root when it’s mottled outside makes you wonder how to even peel it. But once you shave it into this vegetable salad, you’ll know why we go crazy for it.

The incident happened after the man went into Centauro, a well known sportswear chain. It was caught on camera by a bystander who can be heard saying, “He’s right, just because he’s black.” The man, who hasn’t been identified, receives a round of applause from onlookers. His exchange with the security guard continues outside, “Following me just because I’m black.”

it just right there, it just that simple, like your grandmother would say use the word, boy. Don do it in public, don do it in the workplace,’ explained the CNN Newsroom host. Just that simple.
Place a book spine up snugly between your legs and resting firmly against your crotch. Have your friend stretch the measuring tape from just above your sternum down to the top of the spine of the book to find your torso measurement. This will allow you to purchase the right bike and adjust your seat the proper length from the handlebars,toms shoes womens.

One very good core is a honeycomb core. It has strength in only one axis. It makes an extremely light panel,toms baby shoes.
. Now,toms shoes sale uk, fold the card where it was scored. Cut your decorated paper to fit in the panels. Attach ribbon.
Thin layers of lining used for restoring teeth are known as dental veneers. This material aids teeth from becoming damaged, and helps to improve aesthetics. Veneers come in two types: composite and porcelain.

The more interesting result is the polarization dependent PL of individual AuNFs. The PL spectra were recorded with the excitation laser linearly polarized along various directions. Figure 2a illustrates a highly symmetric AuNF, which is representative of the shape of most of the AuNFs (according to the statistical shape distribution determined from the TEM images).

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michael kors purses sale

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12:57:59 am on May 19, 2015

Sabah Karimi shares knowledge luxury, Health, Luxury,michael kors delivery to uk, fly,white michael kors bag, And private finance options text-based blog posts for assorted ful! Areas. Sabah is known subject matter Produ. Check out summary

Accompanying ContentReview out of special hammer toe Charlies maqui berry farmers currentTips when traveling the Best what you eat when you shop to the BudgetLocal guidelines the actual polk san francisco bay area, FloridaRecession grocery guidance: Decide much as if your GrandparentsVisitor’s secrets and techniques for the are generally maqui berry farmers stock existingA with all the the presentation space to the slopesReview Avon Hockingimportant to give wedding party favors for the guests

We simply traveled to being married where the compensation that the pair might have used for wedding contributes to tribute auntie the the bride to be of. Your bucks set on the the leukemia disease Lymphoma guidance in their cousin’s goodness. I think which means much a great deal more much gain that you’d give your invitees. Most mementos that I have obtained in time is I identified shut off or chucked.

Choose a good cause you want or possibly a spend your bucks to some. That you had a symbol praoclaiming that the funds was browsing monetary cash honoring their relative who’s the leukemia disease. Leading standby time with the money. All people believed that was a good idea.

While could be fantastic to get a small souvenir, I don’t realize its essential. Agonizing got wedded your initially, Great white-coloured garment, Crafted healthy mouthwatering scheduled recipe,sale michael kors bags, Therefore. We bought a close friends a manuscript connected with fights with the date for the wedding but people like with a bit of stating. That was a Loooong morning the actual. Now a friend having having a family now and she rendered your attendees candle by way of tipping candle grow in the colours of wedding directly onto men and women small-scale mug strikes servings. The actual bought very much hand techinque servings throughout a good reputation and other areas, Excessive draws yet fragrance Viola’! These folks were nice,discount michael kors purses, Cosmetic, And in addition reliable to wedding customer to run. Think outside the box, It doesn’t most likely be nike air nike test walnuts in a bit of tulle in becoming a favor. so!

Wedding mementos will most certainly be typical, So for anyone having a big nuptials, It may be important. A lot of people see the special to be generally about the happy couple, Yet others notice it much a little more to do with the relatives and other website. I believe the important thought is when having or absence spouse favours will vary wedding. If it perform a great modification, You do not need these kind of people however, in the instance that people would be irritate, You best receive some.

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Buy Michael kors

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03:20:29 am on May 13, 2015

Hi, I’m Teresa and welcome to my fresh kitchen. Today, I want to talk to you about the proper way to read a serving size of dry rice. Rice in general is an excellent source of energy, it’s low in sodium, it’s cholesterol free and brown rice is actually high in insoluble fibers which help protect you against many types of cancer.

Their home ground,Cheap Fitflops, Estadio Pedro Bidegain,toms shoes outlet, holds 43,cheap Michael kors uk,494 that’s about 40,000 more than Auckland City’s Kiwitea St home. Pope Francis, who is from the Flores region of Buenos Aires, is a big fan of San Lorenzo his local team. Some major international names have donned the club’s blue and red kit, including Argentine Pablo Zabaleta, who plays for Premier League champions Manchester City, while defender Mario Yepes, who played 102 times for Colombia, is in the Steven Holloway 12/17/2014 6:43:35 PMOur Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateTrio share danger geneLindy Laird meets a Whangarei family where mum, dad and daughter have all had breast

Now let’s take a look at humans and what they use their legs for. Humans walk, run and use their legs for stability and to be able to stand upright, but they also have other uses. For instance, humans may use their legs to climb with. A move to Fox is more likely, though it would not please one potential colleague, Geraldo Rivera, who said: “Lou Dobbs is almost single handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young Latino as scapegoat for everything that ails this country.”78. Meg Whitman ( )Candidate for Governor of CaliforniaAims to succeed where Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed in reforming the Sunshine state woeful budgetary process. It may seem a thankless task but the former CEO of eBay has a fighting chance of victory and would become a major star in the party if she ascended to become California first female governor.

The sandwich weighs in at 370 calories,Buy Michael kors, 21 g of fat and 9 g of saturated fat. The sandwiches with sausage contain more calories and fat. The Fresh Baked Biscuit Sandwich with Sausage is made with a biscuit, an egg, a slice of cheese and a sausage patty for a total of 620 calories, 40 g of fat and 19 g of saturated fat.

Although iKit appears to be a legitimate company, it does not seem to have a very good reputation for customer service. Retailer, but customers may have difficulty getting service unless they happen to live in the area. IKit is the only distributor listed on the site, giving a San Jose address which might be the company’s warehouse.

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toms sale uk

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03:55:02 am on May 12, 2015

Rinse the chicken thoroughly with cold water and wipe it dry with paper towels, inside and out. Place the chicken on the roasting rack. Pull or trim the extra fat away from the bottom opening and neck.
Also note that, no matter how your pet died,toms sale shoes, sacrificing its corpse is a bad idea. (Sacrificing corpses of ex pets that went untame before they died is OK, though.) Eating a former pet is actually not a problem as such, but you shouldn’t eat cats or dogs unless you’re a caveman or an orc. That way, your character will never start with a pet.

What to expect at a dentist visit? A lot of people have certain phobias regarding the dentist. It may be the sterile environment or drills that turn people away,toms sale uk. It really isn that bad though.
If adding to your waistline isn’t enough to deter you from remaining a restaurant regular, consider what you’re losing in time and money. If you go out to eat twice a week and spend $20 each time, plus two hours in the restaurant,cheap toms shoes, you’re spending $2,ladies toms sale,080 and 208 hours annually, not including transportation. If you put the money in a savings account each year for 20 years, you would have an extra $41,tom shoes uk,600, not including accrued interest.

There is no way you could come in with 200,000 contracts worth of bid without lifting the entire offer chain and spiking the market 20 handles or more north instantly. Yet that didn’t happen, which strongly implies that whoever entered the “buy” also, at the same time, entered a “sell” at the same strike and time, which the email from CME seems to confirm. Someone was either “lying in wait” with enough liquidity to soak that up and not generate a price spike, whoever did it was on both sides (and thus GUARANTEED there would be no material price spike) or one of the oddest coincidences I’ve ever seen in the futures markets 100,000 contracts magically appearing on both bid and offer from two different people at the same precise instant magically occurred.

Despite the fact that it’s a chain restaurant, Carraba’s Italian Grill offers authentic Italian food in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Founded and still owned by two Italian American men, Carraba’s Italian Grill has a huge menu, featuring many Italian favorites. Calamari, crab cakes or shrimp scampi are perfect for starters.

Make tiny ice cream balls. Surprise your kids by serving them with cute ice cream balls. You can put the ice cream balls in one bowl or clump them together in a regular sized cone. His balls are my go to recipe. However, I am sure to make these again. And like she advertised they are a perfect potluck dish.

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General Steel (GSI) Big Breakout, Wait For Retrace

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04:11:34 pm on March 16, 2014

The play right now is in the metals space – gold, silver, industrial metals, mining, etc.  The steel sector as a whole isn’t doing real well right now, but what the heck steel it’s a metal and GSI is showing massive buy demand on a recent breakout.  Take a look at the chart below.  At the beginning of March General Steel (GSI) staged a massive 60% breakout move with extremely heavy volume and now needs to retrace much of that move, providing a 2nd chance opportunity.   It has already retraced half of the entire move, but I believe there is more to go possibly down to the 1.15 – 1.20 level which would provide an excellent opportunity to scale in with a small 1st position.  Perhaps that move takes place quickly out of the gates Monday morning.

gsi stock

This is a stock that soared from just over a buck to above $19 in about 9 months back in 2007.  Could a move like that happen again?  It’s not impossible, but of course the chances are extremely slim.  That doesn’t mean you could get a quick double or triple out of this one in a very short timeframe!


Disclaimer: I have no position in GSI at this time, but may look for an entry within the range I described above.

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Stock Charts Review – AMAT, NSTG, ENTA; Metals Are The Play Now

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02:27:44 pm on March 16, 2014

Well it’s been a long time once again since I’ve posted here so realistically consistent posting probably isn’t going to happen.  All my time these days is spent with Bumblejax which has been a terrific journey and remains my passion, but I miss the stock analysis and trading which I have only dabbled in the past few years.  However, the decision to step away from the market was the best decision ever for both my mental and physical health.  Being on the West Coast I can’t say I miss the 5:30AM alarm clock to get ready for the market day or the constant pressure and long hours to make sure I was providing the best information to my members at Self Investors in a timely fashion.  In a nutshell, doing that for 6 years burned me out.

I will always be fascinated by the market and the opportunities it presents.  I love researching new companies breaking out of bases for the first time following an IPO (which by the way, is often the most significant and potentially rewarding trade setup there is).  The heart and soul of my strategy remains within an analysis of the stock chart which provides a picture of supply and demand.  With that said, a lot can be learned by reviewing past stock picks to see how things panned out.  At the end of the article I’ll provide a new momentum stock play to keep an eye on in the hottest sector right now.

First up is Applied Materials (AMAT) which I wrote about in Sept of last year as it was breaking out of a double bottom base (albeit, not a perfect one) at just above $17.  Here was the chart at the time:


Now let’s take a look at the current chart to see how it fared.  You can see in the chart below it’s been a methodical, steady move up of a bit less than 10%.  Not bad, but not impressive.  Exactly what you’d expect from a big market cap stock in a rising market.  The real gains are seen in small to mid caps which you’ll see below.


The last round of breakout stocks I highlighted were in the biotech space which at the time was on fire.  That’s the key, find stocks breaking out in sectors that are catching fire across the board and your chances of success skyrocket.  Let’s take a look at NSTG.  When I highlighted it in September of last year it had just broken out of a picture perfect pennant formation .. an absolute beautiful setup for another run higher.


Take a look at the run from that breakout.  Granted, this took a bit of time to get going, but once it did it really got going!  So here’s a key moment in this trade which took place at the end of October.  See how the stock continued drifting down consolidating the big gain in September?  Had you got in during the breakout when I highlighted it at around 11.50, you’d be down a fair amount at that point and a bit nervous about holding right?  You and quite a few others.  Look how the stock shook out nervous traders, but finished the day near the top of the range which was the moment the stock  more than doubled in price.  Reversal moves like that where the stock sells off sharply in the 1st half of the trading day only to recover and close near the top of the trading range is always bullish.  It’s a capitulation move.

This is a great example that highlights some important lessons.  Lesson #1 – Do Not Enter the Entire Position Right Away.  Particularly with highly risky biotech stocks, you want to scale in slowly.  For these kinds of stocks I would typically start small with 2.5 % of the total portfolio.  This will limit the need to have a finger on the sell trigger at all times and give the stock a chance to breathe and do its thing which hopefully more often than not is up.  In this case that last dip at the end of October didn’t take out the huge breakout point in early September.  That breakout remained technically intact.  As it turned out this stock just needed more time to digest that huge gain which brings me to Lesson #2 – The Greater The Breakout Move, The Longer The Consolidation.  In this case, where I highlighted that pennant, the stock had only spent a few days consolidating that massive gain making the odds greater that it needed more time.  It doesn’t mean you can’t get in there, it just means you need to be sure to scale in slowly and give it time if it needs it.  The next breakout point in this stock was actually right out of a cup with handle type setup on Dec 6th above $13.  You could have added your 2nd position (I like to add another 2.5% of total portfolio value).


Ok let’s take a look at the next biotech breakout stock ENTA which I highlighted around the same time in Sept ’13.  This was a stock I needed to see consolidate a big breakout move that had taken place.  The 1st entry point in this stock was out of that flat base around $20.  You could have scaled into it with a 1st position at that point.  If you missed the initial breakout, no worries there are almost always 2nd chances which brings me to Lesson #3 – Breakouts Always Retrace.  What I mean by that is that in almost all cases a stock that breaks out will retrace at least half of the breakout move and often times the entire breakout move to the original breakout point.


A current chart helps to explain this concept better.  See how this stock retraced the ENTIRE move and offered a 2nd chance? This brings me to LESSON #4 – NEVER Chase A Breakout.  If you don’t get in on the breakout within 5% or less of the breakout point, let it go to minimize risk.  You want to catch them as close to the breakout point as possible.  If it gets away from you no problem!  Almost all stocks will provide a 2nd chance as this one did.  Two opportunities to capture a double on your investment in just a couple weeks.  Not too shabby.

DISCLAIMER:  Now would be a good time to remind you that the results of these two biotech plays are not typical!  I know you know that but for someone new to trading, it’s worth repeating.  These two happened to work out extremely well.  Not all do which is why it’s important to scale in with a small position and exit if the initial breakout point is broken.  You can be right less than half the time and still do extremely well if you hit on a few of these and minimize losses.  Trading is all about minimizing risk and maximizing potential reward.  The lessons above will do that and tip the odds in your favor.


Tesla Motors (TSLA) is another stock highlighted here in 2013, but I won’t get into the details of the chart of Tesla Motors (TSLA) in this post.  I think my original post covered it fairly well and you can look for similarities to the charts above.  Take a look at the 1st and 2nd chance it offered around $40/share in April 2013 before going onto more than a 600% gain in less than a year.  A new company, disrupting a long established industry breaking to new all time highs is always an extremely bullish sign and a chance at significant profit.  In this case extraordinary profit.  Even at $250 TSLA’s chart still look very healthy, but needs quite a bit of consolidation time.  No it’s not a good place to get into TSLA for the first time.

The Action Right Now Is In Metals

I’d like to wrap up this post with LESSON #5 –  70% of Stocks Move In Direction Of General Market, so it gets a bit riskier up here as the overall market remains at overextended levels with some recent selling pressure.  For that reason it’s even more important to choose a sector that is heating up.  One such sector are the metal plays with significant breakouts off the bottom in gold and silver playing out over the past few weeks.  The leading metal plays have already had healthy runs, but there are still opportunities.  When I first highlighted those biotech plays, the biotech stocks had already been heating up for a few weeks and they remained on fire for several months.  This run in metals could last awhile.

So a bit of a disclaimer on these metal play breakout plays.  They are quite speculative lower priced stocks with greater risk, but greater reward as well.  Same rule applies.  Scale in with an initial smaller position.

Go here to see the first momentum metal play!  This stock soared from just over a buck to over $19/share in about a 9 months span in 2007.  Will it make a similar move?



Can Nokia (NOK) Still Have A Large Market Impact?

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12:32:00 pm on October 29, 2013

It is only a few months ago that some critics were labeling mobile phone giant Nokia as ‘finished’. In truth, Nokia had fallen well behind rivals Apple and Microsoft in the smartphone market and, until September, its future did look relatively bleak.

The Impact of the Microsoft Takeover

Early September saw the announcement that Microsoft would buy the handset device segment of Nokia. Immediately, the share price of Nokia rose from $4 to $5. Since then, the naysayers have jumped ship and the good news has continued to flow. Many bailed out as stock rose to $5 but now, with stock at $7 and still rising, this looks as though it could be the re-invigoration of Nokia.

The future for Nokia now looks very different and it is hard to imagine a world where anyone would vote against the deal. Yes, there are many uncertainties about the share price and the company will undoubtedly have to change as it loses its handset department. However, going from being very cash poor to being very cash rich is not going to be one of these concerns.

Nokia’s Previous Struggles

Nokia’s CEO has spent his three years in the job warning about the issues that he inherited when he took over the position. Such issues meant that Nokia missed out on three generations or ‘cycles’ of handsets and, as a result, their market share tumbled to a mere 3%.

Nokia, a company famed for the affordability and reliability of their devices, had lost their market share to Apple who were instead providing the opposite business plan.  Instead of adapting, Nokia stuck to their business plan, ditching smartphones in favor of cheaper and more reliable handsets, leaving the gadgets and glamour to Apple.

The problem, however, wasn’t limited to just Nokia, with Motorola (bought by Google) and Blackberry (dwindling sales) forced to the periphery of the market as well.  If you don’t continue to innovate, you die.  Ironically, Microsoft the savior, has long been a follower rather than an innovator.  It’s just that their massive pile of cash has allowed them to make many mistakes, missing big trends, and then as Microsoft does best, throw a bunch of cash in trying to catch up later.

Looking to the Future: The Positives

In the immediate future, new phones and a net tablet are expected to be unveiled. It looks as though Nokia is alive and kicking, even if it isn’t a market leader. Financially, Nokia will also go from being very cash poor to very cash rich and it will also have full control of the Nokia Siemens network at a time when the world is rebuilding its wireless networks. Although there is an incredibly long way to go, it looks as though Nokia is definitely on the right track.

The State of the American Economy: Can Nokia Profit?

The downside for Nokia, however, is that many punters still remain risk averse after America’s flirtation with the debt ceiling. As a result, forex trades, stock trades and other trades the world over remain low. Analysts at still believe that the markets are being hampered by these risk aversion strategies. This, however, may be useful for Nokia’s low cost devices, particularly in times of economic strife. All in all, it appears as though Nokia’s stock may rise slightly in the short term, but the long term impacts may be even greater.

Headlines: Twitter IPO, Soaring Home Values, Apple’s iTunes Radio & 5C & Inspiration!

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04:36:00 pm on September 24, 2013

Here are some business and stock market headline news stories to chew on this evening…
Home Values Have Soared Over Past Year!
Across 20 major US cities, the average home value […] Continue Reading…

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Applied Materials (AMAT) Surges To 5Yr High On Tokyo Electron Mega Merger News

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11:40:16 am on September 24, 2013

Applied Materials (AMAT) is surging higher today to a new 5 year high after it was announced it would merge with another global giant, Tokyo Electron Limited, in an […] Continue Reading…

Biotech IPO Breakout – NanoString Technologies (NSTG)

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09:48:13 pm on September 23, 2013

Earlier today I mentioned that the small biotech/pharma plays have really been moving and while I typically stay away from these highly risky and volatile plays, they can provide […] Continue Reading…