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General Steel (GSI) Big Breakout, Wait For Retrace

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04:11:34 pm on March 16, 2014

The play right now is in the metals space – gold, silver, industrial metals, mining, etc.  The steel sector as a whole isn’t doing real well right now, but what the heck steel it’s a metal and GSI is showing massive buy demand on a recent breakout.  Take a look at the chart below.  At the beginning of March General Steel (GSI) staged a massive 60% breakout move with extremely heavy volume and now needs to retrace much of that move, providing a 2nd chance opportunity.   It has already retraced half of the entire move, but I believe there is more to go possibly down to the 1.15 – 1.20 level which would provide an excellent opportunity to scale in with a small 1st position.  Perhaps that move takes place quickly out of the gates Monday morning.

gsi stock

This is a stock that soared from just over a buck to above $19 in about 9 months back in 2007.  Could a move like that happen again?  It’s not impossible, but of course the chances are extremely slim.  That doesn’t mean you could get a quick double or triple out of this one in a very short timeframe!


Disclaimer: I have no position in GSI at this time, but may look for an entry within the range I described above.

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Stock Charts Review – AMAT, NSTG, ENTA; Metals Are The Play Now

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02:27:44 pm on March 16, 2014

Well it’s been a long time once again since I’ve posted here so realistically consistent posting probably isn’t going to happen.  All my time these days is spent with Bumblejax which has been a terrific journey and remains my passion, but I miss the stock analysis and trading which I have only dabbled in the past few years.  However, the decision to step away from the market was the best decision ever for both my mental and physical health.  Being on the West Coast I can’t say I miss the 5:30AM alarm clock to get ready for the market day or the constant pressure and long hours to make sure I was providing the best information to my members at Self Investors in a timely fashion.  In a nutshell, doing that for 6 years burned me out.

I will always be fascinated by the market and the opportunities it presents.  I love researching new companies breaking out of bases for the first time following an IPO (which by the way, is often the most significant and potentially rewarding trade setup there is).  The heart and soul of my strategy remains within an analysis of the stock chart which provides a picture of supply and demand.  With that said, a lot can be learned by reviewing past stock picks to see how things panned out.  At the end of the article I’ll provide a new momentum stock play to keep an eye on in the hottest sector right now.

First up is Applied Materials (AMAT) which I wrote about in Sept of last year as it was breaking out of a double bottom base (albeit, not a perfect one) at just above $17.  Here was the chart at the time:


Now let’s take a look at the current chart to see how it fared.  You can see in the chart below it’s been a methodical, steady move up of a bit less than 10%.  Not bad, but not impressive.  Exactly what you’d expect from a big market cap stock in a rising market.  The real gains are seen in small to mid caps which you’ll see below.


The last round of breakout stocks I highlighted were in the biotech space which at the time was on fire.  That’s the key, find stocks breaking out in sectors that are catching fire across the board and your chances of success skyrocket.  Let’s take a look at NSTG.  When I highlighted it in September of last year it had just broken out of a picture perfect pennant formation .. an absolute beautiful setup for another run higher.


Take a look at the run from that breakout.  Granted, this took a bit of time to get going, but once it did it really got going!  So here’s a key moment in this trade which took place at the end of October.  See how the stock continued drifting down consolidating the big gain in September?  Had you got in during the breakout when I highlighted it at around 11.50, you’d be down a fair amount at that point and a bit nervous about holding right?  You and quite a few others.  Look how the stock shook out nervous traders, but finished the day near the top of the range which was the moment the stock  more than doubled in price.  Reversal moves like that where the stock sells off sharply in the 1st half of the trading day only to recover and close near the top of the trading range is always bullish.  It’s a capitulation move.

This is a great example that highlights some important lessons.  Lesson #1 – Do Not Enter the Entire Position Right Away.  Particularly with highly risky biotech stocks, you want to scale in slowly.  For these kinds of stocks I would typically start small with 2.5 % of the total portfolio.  This will limit the need to have a finger on the sell trigger at all times and give the stock a chance to breathe and do its thing which hopefully more often than not is up.  In this case that last dip at the end of October didn’t take out the huge breakout point in early September.  That breakout remained technically intact.  As it turned out this stock just needed more time to digest that huge gain which brings me to Lesson #2 – The Greater The Breakout Move, The Longer The Consolidation.  In this case, where I highlighted that pennant, the stock had only spent a few days consolidating that massive gain making the odds greater that it needed more time.  It doesn’t mean you can’t get in there, it just means you need to be sure to scale in slowly and give it time if it needs it.  The next breakout point in this stock was actually right out of a cup with handle type setup on Dec 6th above $13.  You could have added your 2nd position (I like to add another 2.5% of total portfolio value).


Ok let’s take a look at the next biotech breakout stock ENTA which I highlighted around the same time in Sept ’13.  This was a stock I needed to see consolidate a big breakout move that had taken place.  The 1st entry point in this stock was out of that flat base around $20.  You could have scaled into it with a 1st position at that point.  If you missed the initial breakout, no worries there are almost always 2nd chances which brings me to Lesson #3 – Breakouts Always Retrace.  What I mean by that is that in almost all cases a stock that breaks out will retrace at least half of the breakout move and often times the entire breakout move to the original breakout point.


A current chart helps to explain this concept better.  See how this stock retraced the ENTIRE move and offered a 2nd chance? This brings me to LESSON #4 – NEVER Chase A Breakout.  If you don’t get in on the breakout within 5% or less of the breakout point, let it go to minimize risk.  You want to catch them as close to the breakout point as possible.  If it gets away from you no problem!  Almost all stocks will provide a 2nd chance as this one did.  Two opportunities to capture a double on your investment in just a couple weeks.  Not too shabby.

DISCLAIMER:  Now would be a good time to remind you that the results of these two biotech plays are not typical!  I know you know that but for someone new to trading, it’s worth repeating.  These two happened to work out extremely well.  Not all do which is why it’s important to scale in with a small position and exit if the initial breakout point is broken.  You can be right less than half the time and still do extremely well if you hit on a few of these and minimize losses.  Trading is all about minimizing risk and maximizing potential reward.  The lessons above will do that and tip the odds in your favor.


Tesla Motors (TSLA) is another stock highlighted here in 2013, but I won’t get into the details of the chart of Tesla Motors (TSLA) in this post.  I think my original post covered it fairly well and you can look for similarities to the charts above.  Take a look at the 1st and 2nd chance it offered around $40/share in April 2013 before going onto more than a 600% gain in less than a year.  A new company, disrupting a long established industry breaking to new all time highs is always an extremely bullish sign and a chance at significant profit.  In this case extraordinary profit.  Even at $250 TSLA’s chart still look very healthy, but needs quite a bit of consolidation time.  No it’s not a good place to get into TSLA for the first time.

The Action Right Now Is In Metals

I’d like to wrap up this post with LESSON #5 –  70% of Stocks Move In Direction Of General Market, so it gets a bit riskier up here as the overall market remains at overextended levels with some recent selling pressure.  For that reason it’s even more important to choose a sector that is heating up.  One such sector are the metal plays with significant breakouts off the bottom in gold and silver playing out over the past few weeks.  The leading metal plays have already had healthy runs, but there are still opportunities.  When I first highlighted those biotech plays, the biotech stocks had already been heating up for a few weeks and they remained on fire for several months.  This run in metals could last awhile.

So a bit of a disclaimer on these metal play breakout plays.  They are quite speculative lower priced stocks with greater risk, but greater reward as well.  Same rule applies.  Scale in with an initial smaller position.

Go here to see the first momentum metal play!  This stock soared from just over a buck to over $19/share in about a 9 months span in 2007.  Will it make a similar move?



Beware Are Your Own Interior Stair Railings Installed The Right Way

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03:13:00 am on December 28, 2013

Beware – Are Your Own Interior Stair Railings Installed The Right Way?

When moving into a freshly built house, chances are your own interior stair visit more information railings are installed appropriately along with meet building codes. However, whenever moving into a pre-existing home, just how do you understand if your own stairs as well as railings meet up with code and are usually safe and sound?

The actuality of the situation is that, in many cases, pre-existing homes have problems within the home beyond that of just the stairs and railings. These kinds of problems met earlier codes, but are usually today out-of-date. Does this suggest you may nevertheless move into your home? Obviously you can, but would you like to move directly into a home that could be a safety hazard?

Here are a few things to try to find when assessing the safety of your stairs and railings:

?Are the treads and also risers safe, and also level?
?Are any of the treads as well as risers missing?
?Are the stairs created too steep? (In other words, do you really feel just like you happen to be ascending a latter, instead of climbing a staircase?)
?Whenever you go up the stairs, do you trip or feel just like you are going to trip?
?Are the railings secured to the walls appropriately?
?Are the railings hung too high or perhaps too low?
?Are the inside stair railings absent?
?Do the stairs pose a slip hazard?

In the event that you are uncertain with regards to just what the building codes are usually for your stairs along with railings, make an appointment with your nearby code enforcement officer. Sometimes it takes time to get these types of individuals out to the site and also execute an inspection because their schedules fill up rapidly. Nevertheless, after they get there, they will be able to let you know right away exactly what ought to end up being done just before becoming a resident of the house. They’ll also let you know just what may end up being completed after you have currently moved in.

In addition share this website to investigating interior stair railings leading to a second floor or perhaps attic level of the home, be certain the basement stairs as well as railings are also checked. You are going to spend a reasonable period of time using these stairs to conduct regimen home maintenance, check more along with utilize storage space.

Therefore, making sure the safety of this area of the house is actually an essential consideration. If there is a stairwell leading from the outside of the home and also into the basement, these stairs should additionally always be inspected. Due to weather and other conditions, these types of stairs have a tendency to deteriorate rapidly and might need instant attention.

If you are concerned about the costs related to hiring a contractor to fix your stairs and railings, always be advised that putting off this work is really a liability. If you have guests within your home, and they become injured due to concerns directly related to your stairs and railings, you are in for expenses higher than precisely what you’d experience with employing a contractor.

If perhaps the stairs or perhaps railings are certainly not up to code, it could also give you some additional bargaining power whenever speaking about the cost along with the seller. In the event that they don’t fulfill the completely new requirements, you can use that to work out a cheaper price ..

Whenever determining who will do the actual work, interview 3 contractors and request estimates from all of them. Furthermore request a portfolio of past work along with verifiable references. This way, whenever you make your ultimate decision about who will perform the work on your own stairs and railings, you can be sure that you happen to be getting somebody that is actually reliable and dependable.

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Bio Latex Mattresses

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11:09:52 pm on December 27, 2013

Bio Latex Mattresses

The latest hot product you see at mattress industry trade shows is the bio latex mattress. You see latex being used as topper layers in traditional innerspring mattresses, and more and more you see it being used to replace innersprings as the mattress “core” in manufacturer’s upscale mattress lines.

The most important reason latex has become the current “hot” product, share here though, is that it is a uniquely comfortable sleep surface. Latex is both a very dense surface, but also because of its elastic properties, still has a yielding, giving, and conforming quality. So for those that just haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep or have unrelieved pain issues, a latex mattress is a top of the line alternative that has a very different feel, offers unparalleled comfort and support.

Unlike the plethora of new age sleep systems available today, latex mattresses have been tried and tested in Europe for over twenty years. Their ability to withstand the test of time as well as provide an all-natural sleep surface that conforms to the contours of the body is finally beginning to catch hold in the United States.

Natural latex provides excellent support and effectively relieves pressure points. Couples can sleep soundly together without disruption. It is a natural product and is environmentally sound. Designed to be breathable it is effective in keeping heat and moisture build up to a minimum for more comfortable sleep. Finally, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to keep allergy sufferers well rested. It is easy to see why natural latex is far and away the best natural sleeping surface available.

Latex foam is a fashionable mattress material. The natural makeup of latex makes for a sustainable and buoyant product. Latex is advantageous as a natural dust repellent, core supporter and cushion. Given these benefits, latex foam is becoming a rival of memory foam.

While latex and memory foam are favorite bedding materials, the latter is a softer material. Latex mattresses are made of natural synthetics, making them sustainable, but the comfort level of memory foam is still a better recommendation for people with injuries or backaches. Latex foam mattresses (saltele bio latex) are also more costly than traditional spring-based options. Memory foam may be expensive too, but latex mattresses are also known to be exceptionally heavy.

Overall, latex foam mattresses are a <a href="" target="_blank" share here >more information good and wise investment. While latex mattresses can be costly, they are reported to “breathe” better than spring-based mattresses. Latex foam is becoming more common due to consumer satisfaction in comfort and coziness – even against the alternative memory foam. Indeed for a peaceful night’s sleep, latex foam mattresses are a relative dream.

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Bipolar Disorder Broken

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04:02:29 pm on December 27, 2013

Bipolar Disorder Broken

Debbie is a 45 year old woman who I have been working with for about four years. She was diagnosed with a severe bipolar disorder at age twelve.
About 10 years ago she had a lifting injury at work and developed chronic low back pain. Over a series of eight years she underwent multiple low back surgeries. It began with a laminectomy at L5-S1. About a year later a fusion was performed at L5-S1 and it did not heal. She then required another surgery to repair the fusion. Her back pain did not improve and in fact worsened. Her fusion was extended up to L4-5, which still did not improve her symptoms. In an effort to improve the outcome her screws and rods that had been place to create the fusion were removed and bone spurs were trimmed away from her nerve roots.
Up to this point she was not my patient. I had assisted on her last operation that was done on a Wednesday morning. I was the on call surgeon for my orthopedic group the next weekend. I made rounds on her about noon on that next Saturday. She was in a lot of pain and was not moving her legs. I thought it was probably just from the pain and turned around and walked out of the room. About five minutes later I turned around and re-examined her. I still could not tell what was going on so I ordered an emergency MRI. By some unfortunate chance she had a massive disc rupture at L3-4 just above where we had done the prior surgery at L4 to S1. We took her to surgery immediately and excised the disc. She ended up paraplegic.
Over the next 18 months she developed repeated bladder infections requiring several urological interventions. She additionally had yet another major spine operation to extend her fusion up to L3-4. All the while her pain did not abate.
Life became progressively worse. She had to fight with the state for basic medical coverage. She had little family support. There was a neighbor who was extremely difficult to get along with. I don’t think there a word in my vocabulary to describe the depths of her anger and despair. I would see her on a monthly basis just to maintain some sense of structure and deal with need for pain medications.
She was open to the DOCC protocol and read the book draft that I have been emailing to my patients. The book lays out a detailed plan addressing most of the variables that affect the perception of pain. The one tool she engaged in with a vengeance was writing down her negative thoughts and throwing them away. In the midst of all of her bladder and medical issues, I would see her back on a monthly basis and just to refill a stable dose of pain and sleep meds. As I was able to improve her sleep she felt somewhat better. With the writing her pain also began to diminish. My role was to guide her different directions with the writing and other reading resources. I tried for a year to get her to a pain psychologist but the state would not cover psych services.
I was feeling pretty good about the progress she was making. Her pain was at a manageable level, her medical issues stabilized, and she began to get definitive treatment for her bladder issues. I was prepared to simply maintain her program. Then it fell apart.
She got sick from her bladder infections. The fighting within her apartment complex became more intense. Her pain level shot through the roof. She was so angry I did not know what to do.
So we had it out. My point was that her life was not bad it was terrible. She had every right to be extremely angry. I would describe her mood as rage. I confronted her with the idea that the energy she was burning being angry was the energy she needed to solve her problems. Our conversations were blunt and she became even angrier with me as I was “not supportive”. I acknowledged her right to be angry but it was still destroying her.
The more legitimate your anger the harder it is to let it go and the more destructive it is to your sense of well-being. Additionally it was really firing up her pain pathways. She was also upset with me because I would not increase her pain medications.
Whenever your peace of mind is dependent on external circumstances you are at the mercy of those circumstances. For three months we went at it. Every conversation began with her ranting about all the things that were wrong with her life.
Meanwhile I ran across a book, Forgive for Good by Fred Luskin. His book is based on his experience doing several major research projects at Stanford University on the physiological effects of anger and forgiveness. One of his projects involved studying parents who had experienced the nightmare of having a child murdered. As much work as I had done on looking at my own expert role of playing a victim this book really shook me up. He is very blunt on the effects of anger. You either have to truly forgive the person who wronged you or pay the price. Last summer I gave Debbie this book. She had continued to do her writing exercises and work with the “Feeling Good” book.
About four months ago she came in smiling. Her demeanor was dramatically different. She was pleasant and engaging. There was also a marked decrease in her pain. I don’t know exactly what happened, as I am not a counselor and my role is more of a coach. I had just held out the idea that although she really was a true victim there was nothing that was going to change. She was permanently paralyzed. She had long-term chronic pain and she had no real ability to improve check here her financial situation. I had been discussing the role of anger in flaring up her pain but her anger was so deep she could not hear me. To her strong credit she could still hear me enough to read “Forgive For Good” and she got it. With the same commitment she had engaged in with the DOCC project she embraced his concepts and did the exercises Dr. Luskin had recommended. Forgiveness is not an intellectual exercise. It also takes awareness and admission that anger is a problem. It is difficult to let go of “being right.” Somehow she did it.
But what was stunning is that her bipolar symptoms essentially disappeared. Her anxiety diminished and she came off all of her bipolar meds. She re-established a relationship with her family and several friends. Her family is planning on helping her purchase a computer. It is important to her to begin to reach out and help others who are in a wheelchair and in pain. She more information is beginning to create a life for herself.
Initially I did not believe her and every month for the last six months I kept asking her the same questions about her quality of life. She is very clear that she is happier in wheelchair than she was when she was bipolar and able to walk. Her pain continues to steadily diminish.
Her case is one of the most surprising and rewarding situations I have witnessed in my practice. I will give myself some credit for sticking with more details her although I was really ready to discharge her from my care several times. It was her being open to new ideas and committing to herself to seeking real change that made the difference. I offer the same tools to all of my patients but only a small percentage will engage with the concepts.
Sustained anger will destroy every part of your life that has value. It also intersects with pain pathways. Make a simple choice. Let it go!!

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Beware Of Deceptive Bank Charges And Other Unfair Tricks

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08:15:31 am on December 27, 2013

Beware of Deceptive Bank Charges and Other Unfair Tricks

There used to be a time when banks were seen as the go-to place for keeping your finances safe but nowadays these institutions are imposing all sorts of unfair bank charges to their customers that you may actually end up spending more than what you’re actually saving.
This isn’t to say however, that you should do away with bank services all together but the reality is, these institutions employ a lot of tricks to get you to spend more of your hard-earned money. The best way to combat these misleading ploys is through awareness. If you are aware of how banks trick their customers, you will be able to take measures to ensure you aren’t being fooled.
Courtesy Overdraft Protection
One of the most deceptive tricks that banks employ is the courtesy overdraft protection program. In essence, a courtesy overdraft, also referred to as bounced check protection, is designed to provide a customer with the necessary funds should this customer write a check and not have enough money in his account to cover the expense. This saves the customer the embarrassment of having to deal with a bounced check. Most banks also extend this “service” to ATM withdrawals or debit card charges.
At the onset, this may seem like an appealing offer. The bank is, after all, offering to loan you money without asking for security. Plus, your overdraft limit can go as high as $1,000. The thing about courtesy overdrafts is that you are charged every time you make a transaction. Some banks charge as high as 30 for each check that you issue. Additionally, with some banks customers are charged daily fees up until the time the loan is repaid.
Enrollment in this plan is automatic and banks typically enroll new accounts. Some banks actually add the overdraft limit amount into your account to make it appear you have more money than you actually do. So you are actually being charged for a service that you didn’t even know you about and didn’t even want in the first place.
Credit Card Charges
Credit card interest rates are linked to the prime interest rate and over the past year, the prime interest rate has dropped. Yet banks are actually increasing the interest rates they charge on credit cards. Add to this the confusion over what rates you actually get for your credit card. What happens is, customers are rarely informed of how much they will actually be paying for in interest.
Since changes in credit card laws are about to be implemented, banks are moving quickly and are set to raise their fees even more. There will be an increase in cash advance, balance transfer and foreign transaction fees.
Other Practices
Being <a href="" check here target=”_blank” >more information charged a fee for ATM usage is one of the common complaints of customers. This year, more details banks have imposed increases in the fees they charge their customers with some banks charging more than $2 just for balance inquiry. An additional $5 may be incurred should you decide to withdraw money. Some of the bigger banks will also start charging their customers for using ATMs of rival banks.

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Birth Chart Astrology Is Jupiter The Lucky Planet

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01:06:03 am on December 27, 2013

Birth Chart Astrology: Is Jupiter the Lucky Planet?

Jupiter is the fourth and last of the Tool Planets. In describing its essence you will be able to understand why in traditional astrology it was called the ‘Great visit more information Benefic’ planet.
Jupiter the Planet of Vision
In astrological psychology Jupiter is given to the sight and to our powers of perception and observation. With Jupiter we see the wood before the trees. It is our ability to perceive the whole picture and our need to understand more. This urge to see, to understand, leads us to new growth and an expansion of consciousness. Used in this way it becomes the philosopher, the theologian, the crusader and the speculative thinker. Jupiter also represents our need for fair play and justice. It is our need to know the truth. One tale is right until another one is told, is a strong Jupiterian statement. Jupiter also has an inner eye, as it searches for reasons behind situations and circumstances.
The Planet of Plenty
Jupiter can also act as a Dionysian character. As the planet of expansion it enjoys all the bounty that Earth can provide. However,it can ‘go over the top’ with anything that wets its appetite. The need for freedom and the desire,for the best in life,can set off the search for the grass that is always greener,or an eye peeled for opportunity. Jupiter’s eye is often on the future and its innate sense of enthusiasm and optimism can bring out the gambler, who expects to win or has faith that lady luck will change in his favour. When working from its higher vision Jupiter can act like an eagle in sighting new or future possibilities. This,together with its faith, optimism and enthusiasm, can land Jupiter in the right place at the right time, hence its reputation for luck! But is it luck? Is it not the combination of the inner need for abundance in life, to understand the laws of life and the sheer love of life that brings us to use our higher vision toexpand ourselves?
Jupiter the Joker of the Pack
Jovial is the word often associated with Jupiter and maybe from his bird’s eye view he can see the funny side, especially if we take life too seriously. Comedians often have a strong Jupiter in their charts, as they can see the lighter side of life, as well as expressing a truth through a funny story. As a practical joker Jupiter tries to make fun out of life, which is fine, but remember, as often happens,it can go too far. The main point is that Jupiter can see can perceive the bigger picture and what is truly important in life. Therefore he would be impatient with trivia and pettiness. However,by using humour,Jupiter can get the message across. Its higher vision may see starvation, wars and troubles in the world and this can put into perspective, our minor worries and concerns. This sense of perspective is a major tool of Jupiter.
Jupiter a matter of faith and belief
This planet can often represent our beliefs and faith in something higher than ourselves. A crisis can occur when these beliefs are or shaken by some experience in our life. Jupiter then can be used to search for your own truth or a deeper meaning to life. In another way, if we have all we need and more and live just for material abundance our life becomes empty and boredom can set in, as nothing excites or challenges us anymore. This again will force Jupiter to look for greater significance, which could lead to higher concepts about life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is that urge in us that searches for more, for the new adventure, for fresh horizons and for greater opportunity. In its essence it is our need for self-improvement.
Jupiter in the Birth Chart
Taking the qualities that Jupiter bestows into the Birth Chart, it will expand anything it touches and emphasise the house or area it is placed in.
For example, it will expand the type of energy flow that is indicated by its element. In Fire it will increase the flame of self-importance. In Water it will expand the need to nurture. In Air it will seek higher knowledge and information in ways of expanding the mind and intellect and in Earth it may indulge itself in material world.
By house, Jupiter will constantly explore new horizons or improve whatever area of life it finds itself in. It could open the door to opportunity, and if you have the courage to go for it,it may well be lucky for you! It will be where you have the capacity to make use of opportunities or where you should take risks,as only by taking risks do we find out what we are capable of. Alternatively Jupiter’s position can reveal where you have trust in your own potential,therefore you do take chances and attract favourable opportunities.
By sign Jupiter can show the type of humour or sort of activities that can bring joy and buoyancy into your life. The sign quality may also indicate the way you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and restore faith in yourself once again.
The sign shows how you go about self-improvement, how click this site you will expand your resources, the way you perceive and have faith in life. In a nutshell, the sign shows how Jupiter behaves and the house reveals the area it operates in your life. The aspect adds another level of how it is integrated within you.
Jupiter can, like all planets work negatively or positively. As it is a jovial,optimistic and expanding planet for self-improvement. Its placement more often than not will work to bring you opportunity and faith in yourself. This brings a greater meaning to your life. So yes, it’s reputation as being the ‘Lucky Planet’ can be endorsed. One word of warning however, don’t let your Jupiter go over the top!!!

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Bigger Body Muscle Bars…

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05:37:53 pm on December 26, 2013

Bigger body muscle bars…

Here is how to eat your way top massive gains
Commercial Calorie bars are not new and they visit more information are not cheap, a good bar […] Continue Reading…

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Biology Experiments For Teachers. Enzymes Catalase

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09:59:41 am on December 26, 2013

Biology Experiments For Teachers. Enzymes: Catalase

Safety. Although the hazards in the following experiments are negligible, you are advised to consult the latest edition of &24929;afeguards in the School Laboratory?published […] Continue Reading…

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Bipolar Poetry From The Mind Of A Manic Depressive Person

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02:47:52 am on December 26, 2013

Bipolar Poetry From The Mind Of A Manic-depressive Person

Watched the colored clouds preening
Intersection of those pupils
Caresses the cornea to post visions
I long to tell you a trillion things
They’re said […] Continue Reading…

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