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Tesla (TSLA) Soars After Confirming Profitability, Providing Breakout Entry

A few days ago shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) staged a significant breakout move above previous resistance, sending the stock to all time highs.  Technically, this is an extremely bullish move for the stock and likely leads to further gains down the road.

The move came after CEO Elon Musk confirmed that yes the company will post a profit for Q1.  While the company already indicated this in their last earnings report, Wall … Read the rest

Who’s Winning The Tesla (TSLA) Tussle? Musk vs NYT Broder

I’ve been covering Tesla Motors (TSLA) for a few years now (not as much recently) and since the company went public in June of 2010, the scrutiny level continues to rise.  With shareholder fortunes at stake and a general skepticism of electric cars, particularly of those not made by Toyota, the microscope has zeroed in on Tesla.  If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that CEO and Co-Founder Elon Musk won’t simply … Read the rest

NYT On Tesla (TSLA) & Elon Musk: Hype & Arrogance Don’t Equal Success

The New York Times published a lengthy profile of Tesla Motors (TSLA) co-founder (should say disputed co-founder) Elon Musk on Sunday, highlighting the fact Mr. Musk is an excellent salesman and perhaps a bit too confident.  Call it borderline arrogance.  I suppose you don’t become a mega millionaire at a young age without at least a hint of those elements. 

The article peels away the glitter and the glam and cuts to the core, which … Read the rest