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Tesla (TSLA) Soars After Confirming Profitability, Providing Breakout Entry

A few days ago shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) staged a significant breakout move above previous resistance, sending the stock to all time highs.  Technically, this is an extremely bullish move for the stock and likely leads to further gains down the road.

The move came after CEO Elon Musk confirmed that yes the company will post a profit for Q1.  While the company already indicated this in their last earnings report, Wall … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Tanks After Reporting Wider Loss Than Expected, But Profit In Sight

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported earnings last night that provided a bit of fuel for skeptics, but hope remains and the company has indicated profitability is just around the corner.  In the near term though, the stock is getting hit hard today and slicing through key support at the 50 day moving average this morning.  Let’s see if the stock can make a comeback and close at the 50 or just above.  That would be an … Read the rest

Who’s Winning The Tesla (TSLA) Tussle? Musk vs NYT Broder

I’ve been covering Tesla Motors (TSLA) for a few years now (not as much recently) and since the company went public in June of 2010, the scrutiny level continues to rise.  With shareholder fortunes at stake and a general skepticism of electric cars, particularly of those not made by Toyota, the microscope has zeroed in on Tesla.  If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that CEO and Co-Founder Elon Musk won’t simply … Read the rest

Morgan Stanley: Electric Car Market Won’t Be Significant As Previously Thought, Downgrades Tesla (TSLA)

Morgan Stanley has some credibility issues this morning.  Back in March the company was wildly bullish on shares on Tesla (TSLA) and set a base price target of $70/share with the potential for a $135 price as a best case scenario target.  They were convinced that electric cars would make up a significant minority of light vehicle sales in the medium term and a majority in the longer term.  They mentioned the potential for Tesla … Read the rest

Can Tesla Motors (TSLA) Compete With Big 3?

In an article over at CNN Money today, they highlight the challenges that Tesla Motors (TSLA) will face competing with the Big 3 US auto manufacturers, not to mention a few foreign behemoths such as Honda, Toyota (an investor in TSLA) and Nissan. 

The big disadvantage that TSLA has is inexperience and lack of economies of scale, which puts pressure on profit margins.  The company is pinning the future on the success of the Model … Read the rest

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Producing Model S Beta Models As Interest Remains Strong

Tesla Motors (TSLA) appears to be on track for a launch of its much anticipated Model S electric sedan for next year.  The company has begun assembling beta versions of the vehicle, a few of which will make its way into Tesla showrooms later in the year.

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The success of Tesla will most likely be closely tied to the success of its Model S because they … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Revolutionizing Car Buying With Apple (AAPL) -Esque Store, Stock Technically Bullish

Less than a year ago Tesla (TSLA) hired former Apple (AAPL) exec George Blankenship who was responsible for creating Apple’s hugely successful retail strategy.  Granted, the iPods and iPhones probably would have sold well in a dilapidated shack in the woods, but Blankenship brings 30 years of retail experience to Tesla.  At the time Elon Musk commented:  “George has a record of building customer-focused stores that revolutionize their industries, and he does it on time … Read the rest

Morgan Stanley Fuels Tesla (TSLA) Short Squeeze With Bullish Report

Morgan Stanley issued an extremely bullish report on Tesla (TSLA) this morning which sent shorts scrambling for cover and the stock soaring out of consolidation, up nearly 20% as I write this.  The firm upgraded TSLA to Overweight and set a base price target of $70 which is nearly triple what the stock was trading at before the report was issued.

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Here are some highlights of … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Raises 2011 Guidance, Sees Revenue Up 50%

I just posted about Tesla beating analyst estimates in its latest earnings report, but part of the reason why the stock is up today is due to 2011 revenue guidance above analyst estimates.  Tesla believes revenues for 2011 can rise around 50% and reach the $160 – $175 million level.  Analysts estimated $152 million in revenues for this year.  The increase in revenue is expected to come from battery pack sales to Daimler for its … Read the rest

Big Losses Remain At Tesla (TSLA), But Beats Estimates & Shares Rise

Tesla Motors (TSLA) is seeing a rare up day today despite posting another big quarterly loss as the company narrowly beat analyst estimates.  After a significant correction in recent months, traders are looking for any sign of a positive and they got a small one today.

Tesla reported an EPS loss of .47/share on revenues of $36 million which was a bit above the analyst estimates of an EPS loss of .50/share on revenues of … Read the rest