AEI Releases List of Top Alternative Energy Stocks-As Well As The Biggest Flops

Alt Energy Investor has compiled a list of the most successful alternative energy stocks over the last few days, as well as the stocks that have fallen the farthest. To create the list, they looked at stock prices from 08/20-08/21. 
Here are the winners:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

Up by 44.00%.

2) Edenenergy Fpo ASX:EDE

Up by 15.15%

3) Timminco Ltd TSE:TIM

Up by 15.11%

4) Cmr Fuel LSE:CMF

Up by 14.29%

5) Austrefuel Fpo ASX:ARW

Up by 10%

And the losers….

1) Millennium Cell (OTC) NASDAQ:MCEL

Down by a whopping 50%

2) Carnegie Fpo ASX:CNM

Down by 11.43%

3) Dynetek Industries Com Npv TSE:DNK EnergyStorage -9.84%

Down by 9.84%

4) Vrb Power Systems Inc. (Tier1) TSX:VRB

Down by 9.09%

5) Finavera Renewables Inc. (Tier2) TSX:FVR

Down by 8.57%

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