Two Waste Management Stocks Reviewed (ECOL and CLHB)

The Emervest blog recently reviewed the stocks of two waste management companies, American Ecology(ECOL)  and Clean Harbor (CLHB).  American Ecology treats both hazardous and low-level radioactive waste, and has been doing quite well. Last quarter, the company’s net income increased 20%. Their stock has increased by almost 50% this year, as well.

Clean Harbors is another good waste management stock that is also on the rise, having increased approximately 40% since New Year’s 2008.  The blog has this to say about Clean Harbors:

CLHB has fairly strong fundamentals but doesn’t pay a dividend. In my opinion, it offers a little more short term trading opportunity if that’s what your looking for. I would like to see it come down a tad closer to the trend line before buying in but it is still attractive as a long term play.

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