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Solar options jump in volume (SOLF, LDK, TSL, STP, YGE)

Solar stocks were up nicely today and the option volume spiked in many of the names. 

The following showed up on my nightly scan for highest % change in option volume above its 10 day average: 

SOLF 576%

LDK 346%

TSL 223%

STP 197%

YGE 196%

Most of the volume came from call buying so it will be interesting to see if these bullish bets pay off.… Read the rest

Energy Bill Extending Renewable Energy Tax Credits Lifts Solar Stocks

With the bill to extend investment tax credits for renewable energy (finally!) past the Senate, Shares of several stocks that had taken a beating began to rise again. For example, shares of Energy Conversion Devices (ENER), which had taken a nosedive of 18.5% on Tuesday, were back up by 13 percent, to $63.79. Solar Integrated Technologies, one of Energy Conversion Devices major clients, lowered its guidance for the second half of 2008 based in part … Read the rest

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) and JA Solar (JASO) Stock Drop Significantly Due To Recent Deals With Lehman Brothers

 Shares of both Evergreen Solar and JA Solar have experienced significant loss in value over the past couple of days due to their dealings with now-bankrupt investment banking giant Lehman Brothers. In June, Evergreen Solar lent Lehman Brothers 30,856,538 shares for hedging transactions, and buyers are afraid that Evergreen won’t get the money back for those shares. Prices dropped by $1.70/share yesterday, down to $4.60.

Michael El-Hillow, Chief Financial Officer, released the following statementRead the rest

Alternative Energy Investor Biggest Gainers and Losers for 08/15-8/22

Alternative Energy Investors compiled a list of the highest and lowest performing green energy stocks for the week of 08/15/08-08/22/08. 

And the winners for this week are:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

This solar energy company increased in value by 76%.

2) Nova Biosource Fuels, AMEX:NBF

Nova Biosource, a biodiesel company, saw its stock price rise by 50.5%

3) Quant Ene Fpo ASX:QTM

This heat pump manufacturer saw gains of 37.93%

4) Solarfun Power Holdings CO., Read the rest

Is the Green Stock Market Experiencing a Bubble?

John Wasik of the Boston Globe seems to think so. The financial columnist admits global warming is a problem, but cautions against putting too many eggs in the solar power basket. He uses our experience with ethanol as an example. Remember when corn-based ethanol was supposed to solve all of our energy woes? Many ethanol-producing firms have seen their stocks plummet, especially after ethanol was accused of contributing to the global food crisis. Wasik also … Read the rest

Two Waste Management Stocks Reviewed (ECOL and CLHB)

The Emervest blog recently reviewed the stocks of two waste management companies, American Ecology(ECOL)  and Clean Harbor (CLHB).  American Ecology treats both hazardous and low-level radioactive waste, and has been doing quite well. Last quarter, the company’s net income increased 20%. Their stock has increased by almost 50% this year, as well.

Clean Harbors is another good waste management stock that is also on the rise, having increased approximately 40% since New Year’s 2008.  The … Read the rest

AEI Releases List of Top Alternative Energy Stocks-As Well As The Biggest Flops

Alt Energy Investor has compiled a list of the most successful alternative energy stocks over the last few days, as well as the stocks that have fallen the farthest. To create the list, they looked at stock prices from 08/20-08/21. 
Here are the winners:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

Up by 44.00%.

2) Edenenergy Fpo ASX:EDE

Up by 15.15%

3) Timminco Ltd TSE:TIM

Up by 15.11%

4) Cmr Fuel LSE:CMF

Up by 14.29%

5) Austrefuel FpoRead the rest

Today’s Big Green Stock Movers: BWEN


* Mass Megawatts Wind Power (MMGW) up 16.61%

* Sunpower (SPWR) up 14.42% on a big solar plant construction deal

* Green Plains Renewable Energy up 11.24% on news it’s Superior, Iowa plant has begun production of ethanol

* US Geothermal (HTM) up 7.41%

* Capstone Turbine (CPST) up 6.61% on news Wachovia initiated Outperform rating

* Real Goods Solar (RSOL) up 5.87%

* First Solar (FSLR) up 5.50%

* Yingli Green Energy (YGE) … Read the rest

Today’s Big Green Stock Movers: APWR, UQM, ALTI, BWEN


* A-Power Energy (APWR) up 15.51% on news of completed wind  turbine production facility

* UQM Technologies (UQM) up 15.23% on news it doubled orders in the first quarter

* Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) up 8.76% continuing momentum from yesterday

* Broadwind Energy (OTC: BWEN) up 6.91%


* Mass Megawatts Wind Power (OTC:MMGW) down 6.91%

* Trina Solar (TSL) down 5.25% Read the rest