Altairnano (ALTI) Announces New Application Kit For OEMs

Hoping to increase adoption of its lithium-titanate battery systems, Altairnano just announced the release of an application kit that will allow OEMs to test the product in simulated real-world operating conditions.

The application kit will consist of a 50 ampere-hour battery module, connection and control unit and a netbook computer for controlling and monitoring the system. It will allow OEMs to test a variety of voltage and amperage configurations.

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In a Terry Copeland, Altairnano President and CEO, commented on the news:

“We have received great interest from customers who want to apply our products in a broad range of applications, and we believe this Application Kit will enhance their ability to create innovative solutions and quickly demonstrate the unique value of our battery technology. The tougher the application and duty cycle, the better our batteries perform.”