Borg Warner (BWA) Swings To Big Profit On Autos Recovery, Shares Soar

Borg Warner (BWA), which manufacturers auto parts to make cars more efficient, soared over 10% today after reporting strong earnings results as the US auto industry continues its remarkable recovery and the China auto industry remains red hot.  The company smashed Wall St EPS estimates of .42/share by posting a non GAAP profit of .65/share, a whopping 642% increase over the year ago quarter.  Revenues bounced back big over the year ago quarter too with $1.28 billion in revenues for the quarter.  That’s a 57% increase over the year ago quarter.  BWA is up over 50% since Alison highlighted the company as a fuel standards play last year.

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Guidance was also very impressive this morning.  The company is bumping up EPS guidance nearly 50% from the previously expected $1.40 – $1.70 range to $2.20 – $2.50.  Wow.   That would get the company close to what it reported during its record year in 2007.  No wonder the stock is making a run to all time highs. 

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