Can Tesla Motors (TSLA) Compete With Big 3?

In an article over at CNN Money today, they highlight the challenges that Tesla Motors (TSLA) will face competing with the Big 3 US auto manufacturers, not to mention a few foreign behemoths such as Honda, Toyota (an investor in TSLA) and Nissan. 

The big disadvantage that TSLA has is inexperience and lack of economies of scale, which puts pressure on profit margins.  The company is pinning the future on the success of the Model S which is set to go on sale in about a year and will be showcased in a test drive this weekend.  The base model performance specs the company is touting are zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds, 120mph top speed and a battery range of 160 miles.  Pretty impressive indeed. 

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By all indications, the Model S will be an impressive vehicle.  That’s not the concern.  The concern is whether they can stop the red ink flow and begin turning a profit quickly once the Model S becomes available.  Elon Musk believes that will be the case as do a few bullish analysts (which include Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley).  Critics argue that any proprietary information Tesla is using to create an advantage will eventually be picked up by larger manufacturers in the fiercely competitive auto industry.  I personally have to agree with the critics in this regard, but let’s not rule out a larger role from Toyota which could provide the industry expertise and deep pockets for Tesla to succeed.  Morgan Stanley believes Tesla has a chance to be part of a Big 4 of US auto manufacturers, but that’s probably a long shot.  The odds of the company being bought out by a big competitor is much more likely. 

Technically, shares of TSLA remain relatively bullish on the daily chart and are currently in a healthy digestion period after breaking out nearly a year ago.  There is support around the 21 level and a breakout above the $30 level would be a significantly bullish event. 

3 thoughts on “Can Tesla Motors (TSLA) Compete With Big 3?”

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  2. If what you are saying is true then Tesla would have lost a lot more money than they have.

  3. Ryan, you are an idiot. And apparently, a liar as well.

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