China LED IPO China Intelligent Lighting (CIL) Begins Trading

A new green stock that  traders will undoubtedly have their eye on in the coming months is the first China LED play to trade on a US exchange.  China Intelligent Lighting (CIL) began trading today on the AMEX under the ticker CIL.  It’s showing excellent liquidity out of the gates, already trading nearly a million shares before the half way point. 

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The company raised $10 million with the IPO, but it wasn’t as successful as they had hoped.  The expected range had been $4 – 5/share, but it ultimately priced at just $3.  After hitting a low of 2.70 today, it’s bounced back and trading near $3 again.

China Intelligent Lighting (CIL) designs, manufacturers and sells LED and traditional lighting solutions to household and commercial customers.  The company was founded in 2005, has over 600 employees and produced more than $60 million in revenue in the past 12 months.  They are currently profitable with $7 million in net profit in the same period. 

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