CBS News Changing Shape Of Light Video (LED, OLED Lighting): Cree Inc (CREE), Universal Display (PANL) Highlighted

CBS News did a story tonight on the led lighting revolution as the incandescent bulb nears extinction.  Here are some facts presented in the story..

– Americans consume double the amount of electricity than someone in Great Britain and nearly 6x than someone in China
– We’re increasing our energy use by 30% per year (this number seems hard to believe!)
– 22% of our electricity use comes from lighting
– 95% of the energy of incandescent bulbs is wasted in the form of heat
– Compact fluorescent bulbs are more efficient, but contain mercury and produce unpleasant lighting

Enter LED lighting to save the day.  Companies have spent many years perfecting the technology and while the LED lighting revolution is very much in its infancy, it’s well underway.  The only barrier to mass adoption now is price at around $40 per bulb.  While you’ll save a bundle in energy costs and won’t have to change that bulb for at least 10 years, the sticker shock is still too much for the average homeowner.  Phillips says the average price of an LED light bulb is dropping 50% each year so mass adoption won’t be far behind. 

The story also discusses OLED (organic LED) lighting which is farther off, but an exciting technology that brings lighting to all kinds of new applications due to its flexibility. 

Highlighted in the video are Phillips (Color Kinetics), General Electric (GE), Cree Inc (CREE) and Universal Display (PANL). 

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Note: The LED segment begins at the half way point (10 min mark)


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