Cree (CREE) and Bridgelux Resolve LED Lighting Patent Dispute

Yesterday, Cree Inc (CREE) announced that it has come to a resolution in its LED patent dispute with California startup Bridglux.  As part of the agreement, CREE has granted Bridgelux a license for the patents in exchange for fees and royalties and will now be a major supplier for Bridgelux

“This agreement creates a collaborative environment between Bridgelux and Cree, while affirming the commitment of both companies to the protection of intellectual property,” stated Mark Swoboda, Bridgelux, chief executive officer. “Cree will become an important technology and manufacturing partner for Bridgelux, supporting our efforts to enable the mass adoption of solid state lighting.”

An interesting twist on this dispute..Bridgelux CEO Mark Swoboda is the brother of CREE CEO Chuck Swoboda.  CREE didn’t get any kind of pop in its stock on the news yesterday. 

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