Cree (CREE) Attacking the Commercial Lighting Market with LR24 LED Product

Cree (CREE) a leading player in the LED lighting market is announcing the volume availability of the LR24 LED which provides energy efficient lighting for suspended ceiling applications..  and will compete with the traditional tube fluorescent lighting often seen in commercial spaces.  The LR24 features superior color rendering and is dimmable up to 5%, providing design flexibility and energy efficiency.

“With the addition of the LR24, we can light an entire office using Cree LED fixtures,” said Neal Hunter, Cree president of LED lighting. “You can have it all-superior energy efficiency, natural-looking light, no toxic mercury and an ultra-low maintenance system, designed for 50,000 hours. The volume availability of the LR24 builds on Cree’s success to-date, as we’ve already installed more than 1,000 early-production LR24s in various national-account projects.”

With energy costs coming down and LED’s still expensive, it may be a few years before CREE really begins to make inroads into the traditional lighting market, but this is a company to watch.  It currently trades around multi year lows and could go on to test 10/share, an area of support seen in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

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  1. you know, led prices are a little higher than normal lights, but dont forget prices are going down and down, and never forget the money you save on power, in the end you will, and the environment as well

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